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Police Is Not Going To Take Action Against Merciless Dog Abuser In Bandar Kirara!!

Remember the man who mercilessly beat up a dog despite being a dog owner? His name is Terry Yee Kok Chew if you haven’t found out, but I’m sure you did because he’s all famous over social media!

New Straits Times reported that no action will be taken against Terry who allegedly abused a dog in Taman Melody, Bandar Kinrara in Puchong.

The dog’s name is Furby, and a video posted on Facebook by Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR), of the man violently assaulting the dog, had gone viral online. There were some who filed police reports on the man’s act of brutality but the person is not the dog owner.

Serdang district police chief Asst Comm Megat Mohd Aminuddin had said that the report will be used for reference purpose only. They will be waiting until the dog owner files a report.

Megat told NST, “Police have been waiting for the dog owner to step forward and lodge a report. There is none. We found out that it’s a stray dog.”

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“So far, the security guard who witnessed the incident has also not lodged a report,” he added.

The wounded dog was brought away by officers from the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS) and is receiving treatment and placed under supervision.

MIAR announced that Furby’s owner already passed a copy of his police report to MIAR and also a copy of his signed Seizure List by DVS Selangor as prove of ownership. But Asst Comm Megat stated the owner hasn’t lodged a police report!

There is a few netizen defending the man and many others who are against him. If the dog actually unfriendly, he would charge and attack without wagging its tail. If the dog has the intention to kill, it would’ve done so easily.

Even the man’s little dog was trying its best to stop its owner from hitting the other dog. Many hearts were broken in that 2 minutes 43-second footage, he clearly has no heart for animals.

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Click here to learn more about what Terry has done!

We hope that they will take action soon, we cannot condone this type of treatment to an innocent dog. May Furby have a speedy recovery, and may justice be served to this man!

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