Police On The Hunt For Malaysians Naked Man Who Robbed House In Kuala Lumpur - The Coverage

Police On The Hunt For Malaysians Naked Man Who Robbed House In Kuala Lumpur

Seriously, what is going on to the world? First there is house robbery, then there is naked house robbery. Wow, are we going to see a stunt team robbery next?

Early Sunday morning, December 3, a man was captured on CCTV surveillance footage breaking into a house in Kuala Lumpur’s Gombar neighborhood. Moments later, he was walking away from the burgled house with a handbag slung over his should in his ‘birthday suit’.

Source: Coconuts KL

According to the original poster on Facebook, Rahman said that the incident occurred at his mother’s house at 5.30 am Sunday morning, moments before she woke up for prayers.

His mother allegedly went downstairs to discover her back door to the home had been pried open.

Rahman, who was living with her reportedly went outside to check after his mother alerted him of the break in. He claimed that although he did not see anyone, he could hear the sound of a person running away.

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Both Rahman and his mother reviewed the footage to find a man walking away from the home, stark naked, with his mother’s handbag neatly over his shoulder.

A Police report has been lodged by the family, and the authorities are trying to identify the man. The handbag was found hear the house with all of its belongings inside.

Source: Coconuts KL

We hope he at least find some clothes to put on, and that the police are able to capture this robber. What was he thinking robbing a house naked?

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us!

(Source: Coconuts KL)

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