Popular Thai Psychic 'Nostradamus' Fortune Teller Navaracha Pinitlokakorn ( Prai ) Prediction : The Next PM Is Not Anwar Ibrahim - The Coverage

Popular Thai Psychic ‘Nostradamus’ Fortune Teller Navaracha Pinitlokakorn ( Prai ) Prediction : The Next PM Is Not Anwar Ibrahim

This Thai woman had predicted the Sabah earthquake and the disappearance of a Malaysian plane. Recently she predicted that many people in Malaysia will be arrested in November 2018 and there will be unrest till mid 2019.

However, the person taking over as PM may not be Anwar Ibrahim. Will our next PM is Azmin Ali instead of Anwar Ibrahim?

Predicted Accurately That Mahathir Will Charged Najib , Shafee & Rosmah In September 2018 !

On Youtube Video Interview 8.47 minute she claim that Tun Mahathir will be having a new thinking on September 2018 and start to execute ( catching people ) on November 2018. The subtitle translation should be ‘menangkap lebih ramai orang instead of menarik lebih ramai orang’.


Lawyer Shafee Hit With Four Charges Over RM9.5m From Najib – Datuk Seri Sri Gopal Sri Ram Is The Lead Prosecutor Over The Case.


Rosmah Mansor To Face 20 Charges In Court Soon – Spent RM1 Million On Supplements That Could Enhance Growth Hormones & Sex Drive By Up To 600%.


Najib Arrested By MACC For RM2.6 Billion In His Account


Najib To Be Charged On 20 September 2018

Let’s wait and see if her predictions will come true.


Thai psychic Navaracha Pinitlokakorn aka Prai has made a mind-boggling prediction, claiming that in two years time, a strange phenomenon would cause Peninsular Malaysia to ‘split’ into two. This was highlighted by online news portal Viralcham.com, quoting an exclusive interview with Prai by the Feminine Magazine, recently.

She noted that the strange phenomenon will have something to do with an abundance of water gushing out from the earth.

Dark Horse Candidate for PM 8 : Hishammuddin Often Meets Tun M In His Country Height Home – Have Enough Numbers to Form the Government

She also warned that within the next two years, Malaysia will have a series of calamities, and among those structures to be badly affected includes a 50-storey building located near a road junction in Kuala Lumpur.

Calamities might occur in hilly regions of Peninsular Malaysia and, based on the map shown by her, it appeared to be within the Titiwangsa Mountains.

The said exclusive interview was coincidentally conducted on the same day the deadly 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Ranau.

She possessed psychic ability since young became famous after many of her predictions made last year became a reality.

This included earthquakes and major landslides in Thailand, in June and July this year, in places like Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga, Siam Bay, besides a volcano eruption in Indonesia.

Hishamuddin Spending RM20,000 per month For each of the 40 Divisional Head & RM30,000 per month for UMNO 30 MPs – To Support Tun M

However, she decided to keep a very low profile after that, following criticisms and accusations by some quarters including the Thai government, accusing her of causing panic and chaos among the people.

Nonetheless, during her recent interview with the Feminine Magazine, Prai asserted that her predictions are aimed at allowing the people to take precautionary measures to better deal with calamities, rather than being caught off guard completely.

Fengshui Master on Anwar’s chances to be PM

Pakar Fengshui itu memutuskan Anwar berusia 46 tahun nasibnya agak bagus, tetapi selepas berusia 51 tahun akan ada perubahan yang mendadak, jawatan dan kedudukannya akan tergugat, seterusnya Anwar Ibrahim akan mempunyai harta yang banyak tetapi tiada kedudukan, beliau dinasihatkan supaya buat langkah-langkah yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri. Secara kebetulan selepas 5 tahun, ramalan itu terbukti, Anwar Ibrahim dipecat oleh Mahathir.

Breaking News : Tun Mahathir Declared He Will Switch Coalitions If Amanah , DAP and PKR ‘Belot’ – Tukar Parti Jika Pakatan Belot

Pakar Fengshui itu juga berkata satu masa nanti di Bukit Mertajam akan lahir seorang perdana menteri, pakar tersebut meramalkannya pada ketika waktu itu, Ramalan yang lepas mungkin boleh memberi bukti dan kepastian yang tepat. Seterusnya pakar Fengshui itu berkata, tidak eloknya jika batu-batu di bukit itu ditarah dan diusik, pasti akan merosakkan kedudukan Fengshui di kawasan yang mana umpama perpatah Cina dalam Fengshui, kawasan itu seperti seekor harimau sedang berehat akan menjadi seekor naga jika ia terjaga, jika bukit itu dirosakkan bagi Anwar Ibrahim mahukan jawatan perdana menteri itu pasti akan tergugat, kecuali Anwar Ibrahim dapat tembusi nasib Fengshui bertukar boeh menjadi menteri dan mempunyai kuasa yang luar biasa, jika tidak niatnya itu boleh diabaikan sahaja.

Mirip wajah Anwar Ibrahim kurus di pipi dan dagu, dalam Fengshui ia kurang bermaya untuk menjadi menteri, Cara beliau mengarahkan orang memang benar dia mampu tundukkan orang, tetapi ia akan tersekat di tengah jalan sahaja. Cuping telinganya luas dan timbul, bermakna mempunyai sikap degil tidak mahu mengalah, kedudukan telinganya tinggi dari muka, memang seorang bijak yang luar biasa; lekuk atas bibir berbentuk tajam dan bergigi tajam, mempunyai sifat bentuk tubuh yang gagah dan bijak berkata-kata.

Pada masa itu pakar Fengshui itu berkata, jika ditilik mengikut dari segi wajah dan tarikh lahir (Bazi) Anwar Ibrahim, penghujung dan sisa-sisa hidup Anwar Ibrahim kesepian dan keseorangan, tersirih dari pergaulan kawan-kawan. Dan nasihatkan Anwar Ibrahim supaya jangan terlalu syok sendiri, perlu bijak menggunakan orang lain, ia boleh membantu untuk masa tua beliau.

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  1. Putar Belit

    September 9, 2018 at 17:20

    This lady is a bluffolist, she predicts nothing except telling story based on a 95% chances probablity of an event that might take place. To enhance his status, she used the media and writers to praise her abilty inorder to hoodwinked easy targets and develop her business. In US there is a private University known as the “University of Bluffology” and I think she could be a graduate from that University.

    Putar Belit
    Phd (Wisdom)
    University of Truth Seekers

    • TS

      September 11, 2018 at 19:34

      You are blind to reality.Instead of being cynical,try accepting the fact that persons like her have existed in the past,exist in the present and will exist in the future.It is a divine gift and they are the forewarners for mankind.Putar Belit keep your University of Truth Seekers in the toilet where it actually belongs

      • Wise owl

        September 18, 2018 at 14:41

        The story of her predictions is made known to the public after an event and not before the events. She says PH will win in GE 14 but she did not say LGE will be the Finance Minister and Mat Sabu Defence Minister. Why? Because she does not know.Lol.

  2. Indigo

    September 10, 2018 at 14:08

    I found this predictions consistent with other Sufis Syeikh predictions from past years including the famous Al-Arqam leaders, Abuya Asya’ari.

  3. Chin Tu Lan

    September 11, 2018 at 02:13

    The title, contents and video are entirely different. Cheh!!!

  4. Salim

    September 11, 2018 at 23:44

    This is a 2016 prediction that never materialized.

  5. Fei hai

    September 12, 2018 at 23:33

    Rozy black magic …

  6. Kamal McGregor

    October 15, 2018 at 06:13

    Wtf, why is this article written partly in English and partly in Malay. Binggung kepala saya.

  7. Terenassss

    December 29, 2018 at 01:44

    I cant believe that the coverage is actually posting this. You guys really have no credibility.

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