Power Banks Soon to Go Through Certification by Sirim Before Selling at Malaysia Market - The Coverage

Power Banks Soon to Go Through Certification by Sirim Before Selling at Malaysia Market


The government will soon oversee another bank other than Bank Negara and that is power bank.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry is planning to introduce compulsory certification for power banks as a control measure for consumers’ safety after recorded several power bank explosion incidents.

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According to The Star, power bank manufacturers and distributors will have to get their products certified by the ministry and Sirim before the products are allowed to be marketed in the country.

“There will also be a logo or stamp so consumers can differentiate the type of power banks,” said Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin.

At the moment, all power banks do not require Sirim approval as they are not listed under the Electricity Regulations 1994 but a special ministerial level committee formed last year recommended this guideline and the implementation will soon commence next year.

Fomca deputy president Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman said the move could safeguard consumers’ safety as there are no regulations or Sirim’s safety labels consumers can identify with now.

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He also urged the ministry to extend the products to chargers, batteries, and cables as well. 

EcoKnights president and founder Yasmin Rasyid added that consumers should consider beyond the price tag and start considering safety label when purchasing a power bank. She said most consumers do not scrutinize product labels.

“We only read the price tags. This practice has to change. We need to worry more about safety.

“So, don’t look into buying the cheapest product but make sure it is the safest one,” said Yasmin.

That’s right guys. And it is also time for us to say goodbye to buying dodgy power banks that claim to have more milliampere hour (mAh) than they actually do at pasar malam.


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