Power Struggle With Federal DAP Leaders Led To Rape Report In Perak - Lim Dynasty vs Nga & Ngeh? - The Coverage

Power Struggle With Federal DAP Leaders Led To Rape Report In Perak – Lim Dynasty vs Nga & Ngeh?

Rivalry between rival DAP factions at the federal and Perak state levels is believed to be behind events leading to a Perak executive councillor being charged with rape today.

Sources said the rivalry began after the 2008 general election when Pakatan Rakyat won control of the Perak state assembly.

The party was thrilled with their success and leaders, who are now at the federal level, wanted to place their own people in the party’s divisions to expand their power in the state.

A DAP leader told FMT that two Perak DAP leaders objected to any interference from these federal-level DAP leaders.

“This is really when the political rivalry started. The two Perak DAP leaders made sure the federal party leaders could not get their men to become state division chiefs.

“This tug of war became uglier until some Pakatan Rakyat leaders, fed up with the rivalry, decided to become BN-friendly.”

He said BN took the opportunity to take over the state by wooing those who they felt were unhappy with the situation in Perak.

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In 2009, the contest for control of the state erupted when three state assembly members, from the 32 that were from the Pakatan coalition, became BN-friendly independents, thus changing the balance of power in the 59-member legislature

The source further told FMT that since then the political rivalry has been on-going and this led to Perak exco Paul Yong Choo Kiong being charged this morning in the Ipoh Sessions Court with raping a 23-year-old Indonesian maid.

Last night, the media reported that Perak state speaker Ngeh Koo Ham had lodged a police report that the man who took the maid to report the rape had received RM100,000 for his efforts.

Ngeh also said the man was threatened with a gun to do so and wanted police to reopen the rape case. The Star reported that Ngeh believed a plot had been hatched against Yong, 49.

Last night, Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu advised the Tronoh assemblyman to take leave from his duties in view of the case.

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Yong told reporters today, after being charged, that he had not been convicted and there was no reason for him to take leave. He was also unhappy with the way police conducted their investigations.

The source told FMT that there are some who are defending Yong while others in DAP are urging that action be taken.

The source further said that Yong may have been close to two top Perak state DAP leaders and could have been the target of the federal group.

He said those who are aligned to the federal level are the target of state-level leaders and vice versa.

“Both sides still want their men to be the exco members or division chiefs,” he said.

“The two state DAP leaders want the federal-level DAP members to leave them alone but the federal-level leaders feel that they should have control of all states.

“As such, the tug of war for power is far from over.”

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Source : FMT

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