Pregnant 22-Year-Old Took Her Own Life After Boyfriend Forced Her To Abort Twice - The Coverage

Pregnant 22-Year-Old Took Her Own Life After Boyfriend Forced Her To Abort Twice

Ladies, we understand that we’re more forgiving when it comes to relationship, but if you ever come across such an a$$hole like this, it’s a sign you should run!

Recently, 22-year-old Li Yingying in Xihu, Hangzhou, China took her own life because her boyfriend forced her to do two abortions in a span of three months.

Li was a model, who started a relationship with boyfriend, Pan Yue six months ago. She comes from a single parent family and her mother has met Pan a few times while they were still dating. He had reassured her mother that he would take good care of her daughter.

Source: China Press

Although Pan comes from a rich family, Li was also earning a good salary of at least 50,000 yuan (RM30,960) a month.

However, not long after that, Li found out that she was pregnant with Pan’s baby and she told him about it. Instead of being a responsible man, he convinced her to go for an abortion, saying that they were still too young to have kids even though Li really wanted a family of her own. He even told her that he would marry her if she happened to get pregnant again.

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Not long after her abortion on March 30, Li was shocked to discover that Pan had actually been cheating on her with several other girls when he told her that he was going on business trips.

Source: Sydney Today

Feeling heartbroken, she decided to break up with him but was upset to find that she was pregnant again a few days after she had dumped Pan.

Source: Sydney Today

When she told him about it again, Pan said that he would not marry her, despite promising to do so prior and could only compensate her with money for her emotional loss. Li did not want to go through the same ordeal again as it had not even been three months since her last abortion.

Pressured by her mental and emotional stress, Li could not take the pressure anymore and decided to commit suicide by burning charcoal in her room.

Source: Sydney Today

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She killed herself in the house which she shared with two other girls on April 12 at around 4 am, and when the firemen arrived, she was already dead. Her housemates said that she had been in a bad mood the past few days as she had been arguing with Pan but they did not know that she was pregnant when she committed suicide.

Source: Sydney Today

Li’s mother was devastated when she heard of the tragic news but Pan and his mother showed no remorse even when they were at the crime scene. Pan reportedly told his friends that he was not planning on settling down anytime soon and was having fun playing around with girls.

What’s more shocking is that Pan and his mother did not care about Li’s death or even had the grace to look guilty at the scene. She said that Li’s death had nothing to do with them and that her son actually has several girls as he was still exploring his options.

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Li’s mother also shared her tragic story on Chinese social media, which garnered a lot of attention and many were condemning Pan for his irresponsible behavior that has caused the loss of a bright young life.

Source: Sydney Today

Source: Sydney Today

Source: Sydney Today

We want to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Li, may her soul rest in peace. 

(Source: WOB)

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