Punctured Tire Caused Lorry To Swerve Into Oncoming Traffic Resulting In Massive Crash - The Coverage

Punctured Tire Caused Lorry To Swerve Into Oncoming Traffic Resulting In Massive Crash

When driving on the road, how many of you get scared when you see a trailer or lorry driving on the same road as you? Even if it’s on the opposite road, most of us are afraid that something uncalled-for might happen.

On October 28, a lorry’s tire punctured while on the highway, it caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle and swerved into oncoming traffic on the opposite road.

A dashcam footage of the crash showed that the lorry was originally in the far left lane of the road before the tire punctured, the lorry swerved toward the right lane and plowed through the road divider and got onto the opposite lane.

Several netizens suggested that the driver lost control of the lorry because he ran over a large snake.

However, in a clearer video footage uploaded on Facebook seemed like the snake was already on the back of the lorry and slide off the back when the lorry lost control.

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Check out the video footage below.



What do you think? Was it a tire punctured of a snake under the tire?

(Source: Facebook)

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1 Comment

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