Ranau, Sabah Gets Hit By Minor Earthquake - The Coverage

Ranau, Sabah Gets Hit By Minor Earthquake

Natural disasters in Malaysia occurs rarely in Malaysia. But that does not mean that it never does happen.

Just Friday, Ranau, was hit by a 3.9-magnitude earthquake that sparked concerns among residents. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 7km that lasted for around 10 seconds. It was felt at the district of Ranau and the surrounding areas including Kundasang, 15 km away.

The earthquake took place at about 11.14am, according to the Meteorological Department.

Source: The Star Online

A villager in Kundasang known as Sika said,

“It was stronger that what we usually feel so we were a bit concerned.” 

 The earthquake was dangerous to the villagers and Sika said that she hoped that they would never have to go through another deadly earthquake anymore like the 6.0 magnitude one that hit Mount Kinabalu, 2 years ago.

Since June 5, 2015, the quake that killed 18 people, Kundasang and Ranau was hit with aftershocks and minor quakes. The State Fire Department said that they have not received any reports and damages or casualties following the quake.

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Thankfully, everyone is safe!


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