After Realising No Help Is Coming, Woman Took Matter Into Own Hands And Brutally Rams Robber With Her Car - The Coverage

After Realising No Help Is Coming, Woman Took Matter Into Own Hands And Brutally Rams Robber With Her Car

Justice is served when a woman took matters into her own hands, ramming down two robbers on a motorcycle who had earlier snatched her valuables at a traffic light.

According to the report by Oriental Daily, the incident happened at 3.30am on Wednesday, near the post office in Ara Damansara. The lady was driving alone and had stopped at a traffic light when the robber duo marked her as a target.

It was said that the two robbers took the opportunity to smash the side window of the victim’s vehicle, and snatched the laptop that was placed on the passenger seat. Shocked, the woman called out for help, shouting perompak (robbers) three times, but upon realising that there is nobody around, decided to give chase with her car.

Not long later, she caught up with the robbers and rammed them with her own car, knocking down the criminals and attracting security guards nearby to help apprehend them.

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The victim did not suffer any physical injuries, but it was reported that both the robbers sustained heavy injuries as a result of the incident.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that both the robbers are 26-years-old, and had prior criminal records on them. They have been sent to Hospital Universiti for their injuries.



  1. LungHC

    December 29, 2016 at 10:21

    Good for you, Ms.

  2. Dylan Emett

    January 15, 2017 at 09:27

    She rammed two people with her car, gravely injuring them and nearly killing them, over a laptop and a smashed car window!? That’s messed up! Anyone who would to that to a fellow human being over material things is a really sick person. I seriously hope this woman gets taken to court for this.

  3. philip chen

    February 1, 2018 at 14:39

    Cheers, robbers and thief should be punish.
    wonder if the injuries able to stop them for future criminal act.

    Respect to this brave women

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