Rela Cops Assaulter 'Datuk Seri' Turns Saint; Donates RM220,000 to Good Courses - The Coverage

Rela Cops Assaulter ‘Datuk Seri’ Turns Saint; Donates RM220,000 to Good Courses


Remember the ‘Datuk Seri’ Nicky Liow who assaulted three Rela cops in late October? This time around, he had come back making headlines for doing good courses.

Datuk Seri assaulted three Rela officers on 27 October during a religious event at Kampung Baru Ampang when the officer asked him to relocate his car that was blocking the traffic. The news on this issue went viral and enraged many politicians and citizens. His reputation has a big dent and it seems like he is trying to fix it now.

Yesterday noon (Dec 5), he had donated RM220,000 to five entities and confessed that he regretted his actions in the assault case at Selangor Community policing headquarters here.

“I want to be part of society and I regret my actions. I am willing to extend my apology to the victims affected by the incident.”

datuk seri doing donation
Source: China Press

To break the RM220,000 donations, Datuk Sri (Nicky) Liow Soon Hee had given:

  • RM30,000 to a student, surname Lee, from Kedah. Lee’s father was diagnosed with cancer while mother suffered a stroke. With the financial aid, Lee dispelled his idea of drop out of university which he had a 3.9 CGPA currently. The money could help his family too he said.
  • RM50,000 to another student, surname Lim, from Melaka. Lim scored 4 A’s in her diploma but due to family’s financial difficulty, her father had to go around to ask for monetary aid to pay her first semester’s fees. Lim frequently received scholarship too but none of them were large enough to sustain her education and family’s condition. Lim and her father were thankful for Datuk Seri’s help immensely as reported in China Press.
  • RM70,000 and medical equipment to Community Policing Ambulance
  • RM20,000 to Community Policing
  • RM50,000 to a secondary school to build basketball courts
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datuk seri handling cheque
Source: China Press

The total RM220,000 of donations were given to Kuan Chee Heng, the founder of Community Policing Malaysia, in five cheques. Kuan was entrusted to handle the donation.

We previously covered 12 shocking facts about him, so as many media doing their part to report on his scandalous past.

Although he had cleared his bail for assaulting the Rela officers with monetary fines, he was rearrested for tested positive for drugs when he turned himself in.

Two drugs, namely amphetamine and methamphetamine, were found in his system when he walked into Ampang police district headquarters on October 30.

He was also charged for his past case where the latter drug was found in his system back in his arrest at Dang Wangi police district headquarters on Feb 11, 2014.

Liow did not plead guilty to all the charges.

He said that he is still on trial for all the charges but the proceedings did not affect his life greatly at the moment.

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When asked by The Sun about the possibility of being stripped of his title, Liow said: “I will leave it to the relevant authorities to decide on that matter.”

Last month, many netizens accused Liow of being involved in money-game schemes and drug trafficking. He responded the allegations to China Press in a four-word Chinese proverb which can be translated into “truth will speak for itself” literal meaning or “true blue will never stain” figurative meaning.

But the netizens’ criticism still persists.

Source: Facebook

First comment: Making donation doesn’t prove that you are not a conman.

Second comment: He stole from the poor that year. He is indeed a criminal! Doing charity doesn’t prove that you didn’t play any money game scheme.

What is your take on this? Do you think Datuk Sri (Nicky) Liow Soon Hee is sincere or it is just a PR move? Tell us in the comment below.

Source: China Press, Free Malaysian Today

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