RM33 Million Up For Grabs In Malaysia Magnum 4D Jackpot - The Biggest In Magnum History - The Coverage

RM33 Million Up For Grabs In Malaysia Magnum 4D Jackpot – The Biggest In Magnum History

A staggering RM33mil and more is up for grabs in the Magnum 4D Jackpot this weekend, the biggest in the gaming company’s history.

And assuming no one wins Jackpot 1 on Saturday (Jan 5), an extra RM13mil can be won if you strike Jackpot 2.

Known as the Cascading feature, it kicks in when the Magnum Jackpot prize exceeds RM30mil.

If it is still not won, then any amount exceeding RM20mil will cascade and be added into the Jackpot 2 prize amount.

The previous highest Jackpot of RM33.2mil was won in 2017.

“The excitement is running high as this Magnum 4D Jackpot will set to be possibly the biggest 4D Jackpot in Magnum history. If it is not won on Saturday, then there is a chance that Sunday’s Jackpot will be a whopping RM35mil!” the company said in a press release.

“It is the start of a New Year and with Chinese New Year just round the corner, excitement is running at an all-time high for the RM33mil Magnum 4D Jackpot to be won.

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“While the current ‘Cascading’ has been running since Dec 30, 2018, already there were numerous winners who have won several hundred thousand ringgit by placing partial bets,” a Magnum spokesperson said.

2 winners win ‘rare’ millions from Jackpot 2 – 2017

The Magnum 4D Jackpot game has made millionaires of those who were fortunate to buy two numbers from the top three prizes in a single draw but on rare occasions, even picking a number from the second tier of prizes can do the same.

The numbers lottery operator said according to the rules of its Jackpot game, whenever the Jackpot 1 prize money exceeds RM30 million and it is not won, the amount exceeding RM20 million will be added to the Jackpot 2 prize.

“The last time this occurred was back in December 2015,” a spokesman for Magnum said.

So, two lucky people, who thought they had won a few hundred thousand ringgit, ended up becoming instant millionaires, sharing the Jackpot 2 prize of RM10,845,376 from the Oct 11 draw, the numbers lottery operator said in a statement.

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The first winner, a businessman from Puchong in his mid-50s, said he paid RM20 for a System Bet 5, comprising a combination of five separate 4D numbers.

“The numbers were from a dream and also from my birth certificate,” he said, of the two winning numbers that won him the Jackpot 2 prize, that is 8891 (3rd prize) and 2418 (Special prize).

“I was dumbfounded when the officer told me that I won RM4 million and I can claim my prize money at the Magnum headquarters.

“All the while I thought I only won around RM200,000, that’s why I came so late to claim the prize money,” he said.

The other winner was a woman in her mid-20s, who said she bought a combination of 13 separate 4D numbers, paying RM156 for the System 13 bet.

“I decided to buy the ticket since the Jackpot 1 amount is so high, and all the numbers are my dream numbers which I bought frequently,” the woman from Sungei Buloh said, adding that her two lucky numbers were 8891 (3rd prize) and 9864 (Special prize).

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“I’m going to share the joy and prize money with my family members. I’m also going to invest the prize money in property, and spend partially for my brother’s education fund and of course, not forgetting to do some charity too.”


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1 Comment

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