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Ronaldo Made Himself – Alex Ferguson

Former Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson compliments his former player, Cristiano Ronaldo and claims that he was the perfect example for someone who made himself.

Ronaldo  joined Manchester United at the age of 18 and spent six seasons at Old Trafford under the guidance of Alex Ferguson before moving to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo establish himself as one of the best player and one of the best in the history of Manchester United. Many believe that his success is because of Alex Ferguson’s influence at the club.

Ferguson, however disagrees with the statement and states that the Portuguese international is a perfect example of someone who made himself.


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“Its easy for me to say, yeah I made Ronaldo. Many coaches might say I made this player and I made that player, but Ronaldo made himself.”

“We just gave him the tools and the platform to excel.” Ferguson said.

Ronaldo helped Manchester United to clinch all the major silverware such as the League title and the Champions league. He has also won the Ballon D’or in 2008 and the golden boot.

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“He was a fantastic player, he was the best.”

“We had fantastic players in Scholes, Giggs and Cantona. We had some fantastic footballers, but Ronaldo was something else.” Ferguson added.

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