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Rosmah’s 101 Beauty Tips – Looking Good Does Not Need To Be Expensive!

Rosmah – Her actions and words have always managed to spark fires, somehow. Known for all her controversies and shopping habits that leaves us speechless at most times (or in rage – whichever comes first), Rosmah has a few more advises for us, ladies, which she had shared during the closing ceremony of the Knowledge and Personal Skill Development Course.

The 4-days course, ended on 11th of August which was organised for the Welfare Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti) , held at the National Institute of Public Administration. The course is aimed to encourage group leaders in women activities, to understand the flow in government policies and to be more efficient Bakti members.

Let’s start of with her first advise, “Self-image doesn’t mean we wear expensive or branded clothes. But it’s enough that we wear something that suits the event – neat, stylish and proper”


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She added on saying that, “You ladies often accompany your husbands abroad in this context, the challenge is not just your personal image but more importantly the image and reputation of the country.”

Rosmah also pointed out, that clothes do not have to be expensive but just appropriate for the occasions they attend.


The prime minister’s outspoken wife also gave some advise on mastering the art of communication.

She reminds them to be well-versed in the subject, they had to improve on their self-confidence, read books, master the language and use the right intonations when speaking.

She went on further saying that, leader’s wives must develop the needed mental strength to deal with negative feedback and criticisms. (This probably explains why our voices can’t reach her)


” I hope, ladies, that you can not only sift through information on social media intelligently, but are also smart enough to differentiate between what is right, wrong, slander and made-up stories.” the inspiring lady said.

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“In our efforts to serve the community, I am of the view that we don’t have to care about or think too much about negative comments, or slander hurled against us, especially from the opposition, on social media,” she said.


Tell us what do you think of her advises? Is her advises worth anything?



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1 Comment

  1. sri hartamas

    September 5, 2016 at 11:05

    her advise? more like BS

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