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Roy Keane Lashes Out At Claudio Bravo For Terrible Mistakes!!!

Manchester City are down  1-0 after a goal by Lionel Messi and it looks as if Manchester City are going to score after they displayed a good attacking side. However, things turn sour when Manchester City goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo committed a mistake which saw him getting a red card and City were down to 10 men.


Manchester United legend, Roy Keana has criticise the Chile international for his decision to play from the back and committed an error which led to the straight red card.

“I’ve never read or heard so much about a goalkeeper coming to a club about what he does with his feet.”

“Ultimately the bottom line is he’s a goalkeeper and he wants to play out from the back and he wants to play as much as he can but not there and then.”


“If one of your defenders does that you’d be critical of them, particularly for your goalkeeper and as I said there’s a time and a place and there’s a time to clear your lines. The decision making was all wrong there.” Roy Keane said.

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Claudio Bravo however did not criticise Pep Guardiola’s decision to drop Sergio Aguero.

“I suppose so (it was a surprise), your star man and your main goal threat left on the bench. I’m sure the manager had his reasons.”

“I dont think Aguero’s slow but he probably wanted a bit more pace up front.” Roy Keane added.

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