Sabah Musa Aman Pocketing RM400 Million In Yayasan Sabah Income - The Coverage

Sabah Musa Aman Pocketing RM400 Million In Yayasan Sabah Income

Former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman is being sued for RM400 million by an individual and has 10 days from yesterday to appear at the High Court to respond.

When contacted by Bernama here today, Musa’s lawyer Tengku Fuad Tengku Ahmad said the writ filed by the litigant, Zulkifli Kassim, was “fundamentally flawed, vexatious, frivolous and scandalous”.

“This two-page writ, which purports to claim some RM400 million from Tan Sri Musa, is clearly motivated by mere politics and is designed to embarrass and scandalise my client.

“Other than that, it is devoid of content.

“Kota Kinabalu is a small town and everyone knows that my firm acts for Musa.

“So I wonder why the plaintiff chose to publish the writ in the newspaper by way of substituted service?

“Was this designed to simply humiliate my client?”

The plaintiff, from Kampung Bobot, Kota Belud, had advertised a legal notice in newspapers.

Tengku Fuad said he further observed that the writ seemed to have been drafted by a lawyer, albeit one of indeterminate ability.

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“Who are the hidden hands behind the Plaintiff?”

Musa’s legal team, led by Tengku Fuad, will respond as required and instructed by Musa in due respect of the court’s process “even when it (court) appears to have been abused by a vexatious plaintiff”.

“It goes without saying that our client (Musa) wholly denies the preposterous allegations contained in the writ.

“He states indefatigably that neither he nor any officers of Yayasan Sabah have been involved in any breach of trust, let alone one involving RM400 million.

A legal notice was published in a local paper yesterday.

Zulkifli, who is filing the suit as a citizen of the state, seeks from Musa to return of some US$101 million (RM407 million) from the issuance of the timber concessions and an additional eight per cent annual interest for Yayasan Sabah.

He is also claiming Musa had committed criminal breach of trust by pocketing the monies.

The legal notice also demanded that Musa be present at the court to answer for the allegations.

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Musa is reportedly in London where he is seeking medical treatment. The police are also seeking Musa to assist their investigations into an alleged threat against Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Juhar Mahiruddin.

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1 Comment

  1. Sreedkuanr

    July 15, 2018 at 17:41

    What u except umno they see money they will sell their own wife to najib

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