SARAWAK: Mother Who Forced Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Into Prostitution To Settle Her Debts Arrested - The Coverage

SARAWAK: Mother Who Forced Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Into Prostitution To Settle Her Debts Arrested

Out of both parents, the mother should be the one most protective of their own children! If it’s not the parents then who else?

Recently, a 30-year-old housewife has been arrested and is being investigated over the sale of her teenage daughter into prostitution.

The mother in Limbang, Sarawak, allegedly sold off her daughter to a karaoke owner to pay off her debts.

The 14-year-old girl reportedly worked as a waitress at a karaoke centre in Lawas, a small town in Limbang division. According to police reports, the teenager was forced to engage in sexual activities with a man on three occasions.

The payment for her “services” was paid via the karaoke lounge owner, who gave part of the money to her mother.

Sarawak CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Dev Kumar said,

“According to villagers, her mother had serious money problems for her many debts.

“The victim also claimed she saw the man pay RM1,000 to the karaoke centre operator.”

After several months of enduring the sexual assault and exploitation, the village headman brought the victim to the Lawas police station to lodge a police report yesterday morning, October 8.

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SAC Dev confirmed that the police in Lawas have arrested the mother at 2.15 pm and the karaoke owner at about 3 pm on Sunday (the same day the report was lodged).

“The ketua kampung brought the girl to the police after he learned about her plight. The girl said she was forced by her own mother to provide sex.”

It was reported that the victim was raped three times by a man in a hotel and the man paid the karaoke owner RM1,000 to have her.

He added that the police are now looking for the man who had paid to have sex with the teenager as the case has been classified as rape.

The Star reported that both mother and the karaoke owner are now being held at the Lawas police lockup.

The future of your child is in your child’s hand, it’s not you who determine their future. You can only guide them by sharing your knowledge and advice with them. No child should be forced into selling their body to pay for a parent’s debt! You’re the adult, settle your problems by your own self! 

What’s your take on the matter? Share it with us!

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(Source: The Star / Says)

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