SAY NO TO BULLIES!!! - Group Of Pricks Gang Up Against One!!!! - The Coverage

SAY NO TO BULLIES!!! – Group Of Pricks Gang Up Against One!!!!

Let’s bring justice for the poor victim! Just 3 hours ago, Bhai Hafiz Angullia, posted a video of a gang of boys bullying another guy.

In the video, few of the boys kicked and punched the victim like as if they were in a MMA fight scene. Probably thinking that the whole world owes them, they are acting barbarously!

Bhai posted the video in hopes to identify these bullies and to set things right back again. This is not the way youngsters should be acting! One of the boys who was wearing a red jacket was seen attacking the targeted boy with a flying kick.

We are unsure of what started this fight, but this isn’t the way to settle things and bullying is a BIG NO NO!!!

More updates:

One of the commenters reported in the case, while a few others are identifying and giving names of the boys that were involve in this incident.





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