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SCAM: A Call Made By Hong Leong Bank Stating You Owe Them Money

Facebook user Dan Chan posted his experience with a scam call recently on Facebook, warning other possible victims. The number that was used to call him apparently belonged specifically to Hong Leong Bank.

According to World of Buzz, Dan reported,

“The automated robotic voice told me that I was behind my loan for three months and therefore owed the bank RM3,375. And if I have any enquiries, I should press number nine, which I did. Then a customer service agent picked up the phone and I told him what the robotic voice had just told me.He asked for my IC number and after checking, he said I took a RM50,000 loan from the bank.”

Of course he tried to refute and decline the bank’s statements. However, he only ended up being challenged by the scammer, insisting that he take the loan. He was also asked whether or not he went to Penang in recent times. He was later challenged by the scammer, who asked him if he would like to file a police report about this. Later, the scammer immediately “linked” the call to 999, connecting Dan Chan to the police.

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First of all, isn’t it suspicious that a bank would willingly do that for you?

Like, way to go, scammer!

Afterwards, Dan called the bank itself, inquiring about the scam issue. Apparently this has been happening, and the scammer uses an equipment to mask their phone number, using the bank’s phone number to appear trustworthy.

It appears that another customer has been scammed as well, but they were lucky to not have been to Sabah before, and do not have a bank account in the bank itself.

Guys, this is a thing. If you ever get suspicious phone calls, try and direct the conversation elsewhere so that they are either distracted or end up too tired to deal with you. Better safe than sorry!





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