Shocking News : Husband Fakes Death Without Telling Family, Wife Kills Two Kids & Commits Suicide After - The Coverage

Shocking News : Husband Fakes Death Without Telling Family, Wife Kills Two Kids & Commits Suicide After

Oh my goodness, this is a horrible thing to happen!

A woman recently killed herself and her two children after finding out that her husband was ‘dead’. The worst part about this case is that her husband is actually very well and alive!

Source: Shanghaiist

According to Shanghaiist, he had reportedly faked his death but failed to inform his family about it. This incident happened in China.

It is learned that the 34-year-old husband, known as He, ‘took his own life’ because he wanted to get money from his insurance policy after landing himself in debt.

Source: Shanghaiist

To stage his own death, he borrowed a car on September 19 and proceeded to crash it in the Zijiang River of Xinhua county. The search team eventually found the car, but not his body, for obvious reasons.

Source: YouTube

However, three weeks after the news of his death broke out, his wife, Dai was captured on CCTV walking with her three-year-old daughter and four-year-old son to a pond near their village.

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She tied their hands and pushed them into the pond, causing them to drown, before drowning herself just moments after. She even took the time to post a suicide note on her WeChat account before attempting the suicide.

In her post, she stated that she was accused by her husband’s family to be the cause of his death as they blamed her for being lazy, crazy, and a spendthrift. Couldn’t stand the burden anymore, she lost the will to live.

She added that she loved and missed her husband and did what she had to do in order for all four of them to be together again in the afterlife.

A day after the tragic incident, her husband came out of hiding and confessed to the police regarding his intentions of faking his death.

He claimed that he was 100,000 yuan (RM60,000) in debt after applying for an online load. According to reports, he took out a 1 million yuan (RM600,000) life insurance policy for himself a week prior to his ‘car crash’.

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Before he surrendered to the police, with full of regret, he recorded a video of himself apologizing to his children and explaining how he did not imagine things would turn out the way they did and he had to lose them.

Source: YouTube

He added that the online loan was meant to be for his daughter’s epilepsy treatment.

He is currently being detained for international destruction of property. Experts claim that it is highly unlikely for a conviction against him for the death of his wife and children despite being accused by his wife’s family for this misfortune.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to He and we hope he can stay strong in this tragic case. May their soul rest in peace.


(Source: WOB / Shanghaiist)

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