[MALAYSIA] Standard 6 Kids Are Already Advertising Themselves To Be Sexual Objects - The Coverage

[MALAYSIA] Standard 6 Kids Are Already Advertising Themselves To Be Sexual Objects

It’s shocking to know how young are the ‘criminals’ getting these days. What’s wrong with our education system? What’s wrong with their parents who are raising them? How disturbingly influenced are they with the unlimited access to the internet?

Just recently, we came across an activist, Zeeda Aziz who shared an alarming post on her Facebook just two days back. The intensity of her post has even garnered more than 1,400 shares.

Here’s what she wrote (this is a rough translation from the original BM post):

Standard 6 students are already starting their sexual harassment activities and some are even advertising themselves to be sexual objects.

This isn’t a false alarm, this is exactly what’s happening to the kids of this era. Children at primary schools are already actively thinking about sex and there are those who have already tried it and fell ‘in love’ with sex.

During recess, male students are seen gathering at the staircase only to sexually harass their female friends.

“Come here, let me lick”

It isn’t just verbal attacks, some even go as far to spank the girls’ lower bottom. This raises the question, where did they learn all of this? Was it from the luxury of the unlimited access to the internet?

Since they are young, these kids are probably just taking this as harmless jokes but this is only the ignition of their soon-active-and-free-sexual lifestyle.

According to her informant, these sexual activities start to intensify once they enter secondary school. As soon as they are allowed to own a smartphone, all hell breaks loose from then onwards especially since now they have the ‘key’ to open every ‘sex door’ there is online.

What’s worse is they start to form private chat groups on Whatsapp and WeChat apps to shared these explicit contents amongst each other.

It seems that they would also recruit members from WeChat if their “Moment” is indicating naughty or explicit contents. There’s basically no other form of communication besides merely sharing those ‘hot’ contents.

It has even come to a point where it isn’t shocking to hear or read about Form 1 students having sex. And this phenomenon is not only restricted to the students from the ‘naughty’ class, even those from the ‘smart’ class have been reported to be doing the same, just probably not as much.

It also seems that the female student that had the interview with Zeeda, is now forced to quit school as she became pregnant after she was raped by a friend that she got to know over WeChat.

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Please… we are seriously urging parents to take more precautions and monitor your children’s activities especially if you are giving them the freedom to access the internet. Peer pressure is real! Don’t let them get easily influenced.


Source: Zeeda Aziz





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