Shocking Video Of Lorry Running Through Motorcycle Got Netizens Arguing Who's At Fault - We've Got The Answer - The Coverage

Shocking Video Of Lorry Running Through Motorcycle Got Netizens Arguing Who’s At Fault – We’ve Got The Answer

A viral video showing a horrible traffic accident had sparked an intense argument on Facebook, some blaming the lorry driver for running a red light, others engineers for bad design. However, a search quickly revealed the truth…

Based on a video uploaded by Facebook page Unnekku 7.30 Arambam, the accident scene was found to have happened in an intersection in Puchong Utama, along with the LDP highway.

Vehicles on the opposite side of the road can be seen moving as the traffic light turns green, and as usual, the motorcycles are the ones in the front. But as the motorcycle moves closer to the camera, a lorry from the right side came speeding through, crushing the motorcycle and the rider beneath it.

Puchong bt 14 jambatan..Any in4 ?

Dikirim oleh Unnekku 7.30 Arambam pada 18 Januari 2017


Netizens were obviously shocked by the graphic images that they saw, but soon many started taking sides to argue how could such an accident happened. While it was obvious that the lorry driver was responsible for the accident, many also came to the driver’s defence, arguing that traffic engineers should be blamed for designing such a complex intersection.

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Unknown to many, however, the ‘complex’ intersection, called a “Diverging Diamond Interchange”, was a common design used all over the world to ease up traffic. Based on the initial design of this intersection, the lorry should not be able to drive straight (and caused the accident), so we can easily conclude that it was the driver who was at fault.

A quick search on Google maps revealed more information that the video could not provide. In the images below we can see clearly that the only direction the lorry could take is to turn left.

The lorry charged straight ahead instead.

The lorry can be seen speeding through (which otherwise could have prevented the accident), so we presumed that he took a wrong turn and tried to take an illegal cut to save time.

So, don’t blame the engineers, as no roads can ever be safe if the drivers themselves have no concern over traffic rules.

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