[SHOCKING VIDEO] Man Collapses And Dies During Badminton Match - The Coverage

[SHOCKING VIDEO] Man Collapses And Dies During Badminton Match

Netizens were left in shock after a recent viral Facebook post showing a man suddenly collapsing while playing badminton.

The man who collapsed and passed away was reported to be Herman. It seems that Herman who was in his 40s would routinely play badminton on Tuesdays at Gelanggang Olahraga Sunter (GOR), Jakarta, Indonesia.

It was reported that he was feeling unwell on that particular day but decided to go ahead with the game anyway. Everything was fine during the first match, but things took a turn for the worst when he was preparing to serve during the second match.

The surveillance camera caught the tragic scene. Though his friends were clearly shocked by his sudden drop, they were quick on their feet and tried to save him. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, Herman remained motionless on the floor.

There was another short video that showed his friends carrying him to a vehicle. All efforts went to vain, as he was declared dead before even reaching the Mitra Kemayoran Hospital.

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The reason behind his sudden death is still unclear, though this serves as a reminder to the rest of us who are active in sports yet tend to turn a blind eye to our health condition.

If you are unwell or feeling fatigue, try your best not to push your body to its limit. Take a good rest before getting back to your normal hectic routine or daily sports activities. Even heroes need a break, what else us, normal human beings.

We take this moment to wish that Herman’s soul will rest in peace and that his family and friends will be strong during this hardship moment.


Source: Facebook, WOB

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