Shocking Video Shows PKR Rafizi Ramli Getting Whacked , Punched & Attacked By PKR Members In Keningau - The Coverage

Shocking Video Shows PKR Rafizi Ramli Getting Whacked , Punched & Attacked By PKR Members In Keningau

Rafizi Ramli claims that he was attacked as he was leaving the Keningau PKR polling centre.

The PKR deputy presidential candidate has since lodged a police report over the incident.

In the report, Rafizi said a scuffle had broken out at the main gate leading to the Keningau polling centre.

He said that when he tried to leave through the back door, he was hit on the head by a man.

“Most of these are my voters, about 1,500. I was expected to win big in Keningau,” he said.

Rafizi claimed that due to the commotion, the JPP then wanted to call off the voting at the “last minute” as polls were about to close.

He said it was at this moment when the alleged assault occurred.

Rafizi said that he, as a deputy president candidate, was allowed to enter the hall.

However, he claimed that another candidate for party polls had used “bouncers” to block the door and prevent more people from coming in to vote.

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Rafizi also claimed that a large group of voters were left “in the sun for hours to stop them from voting”.

“By 4pm, there were protests from outside the hall,” he said, and alleged that his supporters were not allowed in to vote, which led to the fracas at the poling centre.

Police had to step in after an argument between PKR’s deputy president candidate Rafizi Ramli and a group of party members in Keningau descended into fights, with some turning violent and breaking into the polling centre where the voting process was going on.

Rafizi was earlier explaining something to a woman inside the polling centre, when some men jeered at him.

When Rafizi attempted to confront a man who shouted expletives at him, his supporters outside the venue shouted at the group in his defence.

Things took a turn for the worse when some men forced their way into the polling centre, ripping apart a wire mesh built onto the wooden wall of the building.

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