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Should DJ Leng Yein Have Called The Police Immediately That Night Instead Of A FB Live? Here’s Our Two Cents

Many people claimed that Leng Yein should call the police instead of doing a Facebook live stream during her latest abusive encounter. Many also think that she should have taken legal action and should not withdraw the case against her ex-boyfriend, Peter Siew.

What most people do not know is that Leng Yein needed security the most compared to suggestions from viewers.

Source: Lowyat Forum

Her main reason for doing a live video is not to seek extra fame and publicity, it is so that her fans can be witnesses to the abuse and if it’s needed, they can provide proof to the authorities on who the culprit is.

Moreover, such issue is not a good publicity as it reveals her own weakness and problems in her relationship to the public. She is doing it because she needed extra security and protection from being harm any further.

Source: The Coverage

Who, in their right mind, will intentionally promote a negative issue of their life to gain publicity? She is doing it because that is the best available option, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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In fact, this is a very smart decision where the public can start to learn to protect themselves from any crime in the future. Because to open a live stream, it will be faster than calling and waiting for the police to arrive. There will be witnesses to know exactly what is happening. The public can actually help the victim to lodge any police report for any future live crime cases. Providing they know where the victim stays.

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So for those who still think that she should call the police rather instead of doing a live video (with evidence) then that is your own opinion. She does have her own way and method of handling her own problems. We should not judge her differently just because her method is different from ours.

Even if the police were to arrive on that day and the abuser gets caught, for this type of issue, he could be out of jail in no time. Will the victim be safe after that? Feeling safe is the most important feeling a person could have, hence we should see the bigger picture and focus more on gaining long-term safety from domestic abusers such as Peter Siew.

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Source: The Coverage

Furthermore, by live streaming on a social media platform, the law enforcers will have enough evidence and footages to convict the abuser if anything were to happen to the victim on that day.
If nothing happens, then it is an alternative way to discourage the criminal to harm the victim any further as millions of viewers could very well provide a testimony against him of his abuse live on social media. With that being said, the police are just one of the many options out there.

For those who are supporting the notion of reporting to the police immediately on that night should not demerit the effort taken for live streaming due to the fact that live streaming videos can become a good evidence for the victim. In any country, what’s the point of making a police report without proper evidence? As the perpetrator can never be arrested and sentenced without any proper proof.

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Source: Juice

Any country that practices law and order will know that without sufficient evidence and proof, any crime can be easily be dismissed and the criminal dropped of all charges.
This should instead to be hailed as the new type of anti-crime prevention by using social media for live streaming.




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