Sibu Hospital Desperately Needs Your Blood, Medical Staff Urges M'sians to Donate at This Mall Coming Friday - The Coverage

Sibu Hospital Desperately Needs Your Blood, Medical Staff Urges M’sians to Donate at This Mall Coming Friday

Blood donation is among other donations that actually has direct functional benefits to your body. It can act as a mini check-up for you, your iron levels will stay balanced, your blood will flow better and you could even live longer.

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The benefits are not just biologically rewarding, you could also lose some weight and gain it back with the free food given by the hospital. Yup, it’s quite an experience you know.

With that said, Sibu Hospital in Sarawak needs your help! Or should I say your blood.

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The hospital is running critically low on blood supply, especially O positive and B positive types, The Star reports.

The blood bank assistant information officer Lily Sinta said in a statement yesterday (Jan 17) that the shortage was due to high demand.

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Sinta urged the public to participate in the coming blood donation drive held in Orange Zone of the Star Mega Mall from 3pm to 9 pm on Friday (Jan 19)

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She said the blood bank will also need to secure a certain amount of supply for the hospitals in the central region, such as  Sarikei Hospital, Kanowit Hospital, Mukah Hospital, Daro Hospital and Kapit Hospital.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the blood bank at 084-238802/343333 ext. 2010.

Well, let’s us all save lives this Friday. It’s the easiest thing we can do for each other 😉


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