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Simple Pleasures In Life That We All Secretly Love

Life’s little pleasures happen more often than not, sometimes we don’t even realize it! If you think that snuggling under a warm blanket and playing with bubble wraps are the some of the life’s pleasure? You are about to be proven wrong!

1. Found a parking spot without effort looking for it especially when you are in a hurry.

When you drive into a parking lot of a shopping mall or an office area, the thought of “it’s going to be so difficult to find parking in this place” immediately comes to mind, right? How great does it feel when you immediately get a parking spot right when you enter the parking lot!

2. Hotel room or flight got upgraded during your holiday trip.

Walking into your hotel after long hours of travel only to find that your room has been upgraded due to minor hiccups or you are on a flight that is overbooked and the flight crew chose your ticket to be upgraded to First class. Aren’t you the lucky one?

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3. When you get a text that class has been canceled.

You know that feeling when you get up tired in the morning with not enough sleep in your system yet you have to go to class, then you get a text saying ‘class is canceled’? All of a sudden, you get excited and ready to take on the world!

4. Getting unexpected public holidays.

Being too focused at work or in school can be stressful sometimes, but when there is an unexpected public holiday that pops up in our calendar, it’s great news to us because we will be able to get an extra day of rest!

5. Someone bought you a refreshing drink during a hot and sunny day.

In a hot scorching day, all we need is a cooling treat. It just feels so good when someone offers you a chilled Somersby Cider to refresh your body. Ahhh, life’s bliss.

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