SINGAPORE: Angry Ferrari-driver Beat a Man Up Until He Started Bleeding - The Coverage

SINGAPORE: Angry Ferrari-driver Beat a Man Up Until He Started Bleeding

And the reason why she did so? Because he wouldn’t give way to her driving! Singapore Coconuts reported that a grandmother, aged 72, was driving her Ferrari on Telok Ayer Street. She later stopped right behind a BMW, while the driver was waiting for a parking space. She intended to make him move his car, unwilling to pass by like the other cars that did. The incident occurreed back in February 25th this year.

Let me introduce the cast of this drama first: Shi Ka Yee, 72, she drives a red Ferrari also known as a serial assaulter. Raphael Chong Yen Ping, 39, BMW driver, unforunately a victim of assault.

If she decided to just move and drive past his car, Ka Yee wouldn’t have made a traffic blockage in the area at the time. However, she was intent, and she took pictures of him as well as insulted him. Although offered to help guide her car past the BMW, Ka Yee wanted to continue and castigate the man.

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Of course that isn’t enough to satiate her anger, she proceeded to punch the man on the right side of his temple. I mean, with her accessories, so of course she had +2 ATK stats… Thus delivering a small injury on his temple.

She has been reported to have underwent the trial for the case on the 5th of June. Her lawyer stated that she was innocent from a punch, saying that the striked the man with only a slap. Apparently the trial will resume on the 29th this month. If circumstances lead to Ka Yee being caught guilty of battery, she could end up in jail for up to two years. She could also be fined SGD$5,000 (~RM15,500). As mentioned earlier, Ka Yee is a serial assaulter, and there are six charges strapped to her belt.

She has previously trespassed her neighbour’s property prior to this and once stopped her car to tell another driver to “go back to China”.

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Talk about privilege, sigh.





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