SINGAPORE: Extremely Emotional Uber Driver Creates A Ruckus!!! - The Coverage

SINGAPORE: Extremely Emotional Uber Driver Creates A Ruckus!!!

Yet another report of Singaporean Uber driver acting up! A Singaporean couple got themselves a ride that they will forever remember as it was the same as putting something rotting into your mouth kind of experience.

Before the couple even got the chance to get into the car, they were already facing some hiccups. The ride arrived late as he was at the wrong place, upon being corrected, the driver got ridiculously impatient and upset. Dude, chill! They are helping you aren’t they?


Upon arrival, the childish driver did not even greet them and to top it off when the passenger suggested a shortcut, he offered sarcastically, “Why don’t you come and drive?” I don’t think they will even want your service in the first place, if they wanted to drive.

Probably trying to release his stress or something, the driver then started to exercise with a wrist trainer while driving and he even exercised with both of his hand – he basically steered with his forearm. You got a dead wish or something?


Naturally, any passenger would record the whole incident as proof of hazardous driving.

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Then the driver just went amok at this point, throwing in slurs and pulling family members into the picture.

“You take picture right? You take for what? Looking for trouble? Never mind, never mind, I know where you stay. I know where you and your family stay, you watch out, you all watch out.” <- apparently this is the censored version.


At the end of it all, the passenger did report the incident to the police and sent an official complaint to Uber on 21st September. Uber has not responded yet.

The man says that, “I believe that if you have a problem with an individual, you take it up with that person, rather than threaten your family, and if this driver is still allowed to drive Uber, Grab or even a taxi, it could be an extremely dangerous situation for anyone whom takes his vehicle.”


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