Singapore Lee Hsien Loong’s Former Town Council Manager : Corruption , KTV , Mistress & Massage Parlours - The Coverage

Singapore Lee Hsien Loong’s Former Town Council Manager : Corruption , KTV , Mistress & Massage Parlours

During the period a former Ang Mo Kio Town Council general manager allegedly took bribes from two company directors, the town council awarded tenders and contracts worth millions to the duo’s companies.

These included repair and redecoration works on blocks of Housing Board flats, as well as the construction of community gardens

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC and serves on the Board of AMKTC.

They had known each other for more than a decade and had gone on trips together to China, as well as to KTV bars and nightclubs here.

At the KTV joints, Wong Chee Meng, former general manager of Ang Mo Kio Town Council, and company director Chia Sin Lan would “hang flowers” — garlands — on the hostesses to “show appreciation to (them) for their performances”.

Chia and Wong would take turns to pay for drinks and each would fork out their own tips, Chia said in his initial statement to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Later, in his second statement, Chia said instead that the entertainment expenses were paid by Chia’s business associate Tay Eng Chuan using his credit card.

Chia’s statements given to the bureau in October 2016 and various documents tendered in court took centrestage on the second day of the corruption trial on Wednesday (Sept 26), as two CPIB investigators took the stand as witnesses for the prosecution.

Wong, 58, also known as Victor, is accused of taking bribes totalling more than S$107,000, mostly from Chia, 62, a director of two companies 19-ANC Enterprise and 19-NS2 Enterprise. Wong faces 55 counts of the corruption offence and Chia faces a similar set of charges.

The dealings allegedly happened between December 2014 and September 2016, when the two companies won town council tenders and contracts worth millions of dollars, including for the supply of incense burners.

The companies deal in general building, repairs and redecoration works.

The two men got to know each other sometime between 2005 and 2007, when Wong was with Marine Parade Town Council, the court heard.

On two occasions in 2016, they went on trips to China, where they visited Chia’s incense-burner supplier.

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Chia said in his first statement to the CPIB that each man paid for his own air ticket. “For food and drinks, we would take turns to pay,” he said in his statement, which was read in court by CPIB principal special investigator Keith Peh.

When Chia was first asked on Oct 4, 2016, by CPIB officers if he had bribed Wong, he said no.

The next day, he gave a second statement admitting that he “had not been truthful” in his previous statement. According to Mr Peh, Chia said he had thought about his family, was “sorry… (for) not cooperating with the CPIB” and wanted to take responsibility for his actions.

Chia clarified that he had remitted S$20,000 to an associate in China, who handed the money to Wong’s mistress Xu Hongmei.

He also admitted that he had helped Wong to get a job for his daughter-in-law when Wong approached him for help. Although she was employed by someone else, Chia and Mr Tay — a shareholder of 19-NS2 — paid her monthly salary of S$1,600.

Mr Tay kept handwritten accounts of the inflow and outflow of funds, copies of which were found in Chia’s office and tendered in court.

Mobile phone bills for calls that Wong made to China were among the items paid, but entertainment expenses formed the bulk of the payments.

Chia told the CPIB that the “inflow” of funds recorded in the accounts came from selling scrap metal.

He set up 19-ANC with his younger brother in 1994 and named it after the former Apollo Night Club. 19-ANC would bid for projects and sub-contract any projects it was awarded to 19-NS2, which was set up with other sub-contractors.

The companies’ clients included the town councils of Ang Mo Kio, Bishan-Toa Payoh and Tampines.

In his statement to the CPIB, Chia — who drew a monthly salary of S$15,000 — denied knowledge of a Toyota Corolla Altis being sold to Wong at a discount.

Wong allegedly received a discount of S$13,500 from Ms Alisa Yip Fong Yin, who was a project director at 19-ANC and a director and shareholder of 19-NS2, court documents showed.

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The trial continues on Thursday.

Source : Today Online

Mistress, KTV and Car: Ang Mo Kio Town Council General Manager Charged with Corruption

Disgraced former Ang Mo Kio Town Council general manager and secretary, Wong Chee Meng aka Victor Wong, has been charged with corruption.

The 58-year-old who has since been sacked from his post at AMKTC now faces 55 counts of corruptly accepting gratification worth about S$107,000 in total from the director of 2 building firms, 19-ANC Enterprise and 19-NS2 Enterprise, in exchange for advancing the business interests of the firms with the town council.

These alleged bribes include overseas remittances to his mistress in China, a job for his daughter-in-law, entertainment expenses at KTV lounges, a S$13,500 discount on the purchase price of a car and the use of a mobile phone line.

The alleged offences took place between December 2014 and September 2016.

The case put the shoddy state of corporate governance in AMKTC in the spotlight – while serving as the GM of AMKTC, Wong also worked for CPG Facilities Management which was the managing agent of AMKTC, raising issues of conflict of interest.

He was removed from duty after the town council received a complaint about him in September 2016 over “the way he handles contracts and dealings in the town council”.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC and serves on the Board of AMKTC.

Source : Red Wire

Lee Hsien Loong’s town council manager corrupts $107,000 residents’ money for KTV visits and prostitution

At the corruption trial yesterday (Nov 7), the court heard that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s former town council manager Victor Wong Chee Meng corrupted over S$107,000 from town council funds. The bulk of the Ang Mo Kio GRC residents’ money were spent the residents’ money on KTV visits and prostitution, including spending on “garlands” for KTV women ranging from S$100 to S$1,000 each.

According to the business partner of the prosecuted contractor, Victor Wong frequent the red-light districts so often that the KTV ladies from China greeted him as “Huang zong” (Director Wong) each time he visits. The Prime Minister’s favourite was also found to be complicit with the destroying of receipts which the contractor used to claim for entertainment purposes, encrypting the financial entries like “3,700FV”, where “F” stood for flowers and “V” for Victor. The contractor colluding with the Ang Mo Kio town council manager, Chia Sin Lan, instructed his business partner to encrypt the receipts as a precaution to evade investigators:

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“Chia’s rationale was that in the event of any checks by government officials, these entertainment expenses cannot be easily traced. The costs of these garlands could vary from S$100 to S$1,000, and they were a way to show “appreciation” to karaoke hostesses for their performances.”

Victor Wong Chee Meng’s corruptions were allegedly undetected by the Prime Minister for over 22 months, where tens of millions of lucrative town council contracts were inflated and awarded to a crony contractor. However, Lee Hsien Loong and none of his other 5 PAP MPs was not summoned to court as a witness.

The public prosecutor did not investigate or question if the PAP MPs and the Prime Minister was complicit in Victor Wong’s corruptions. No “independent committee” was appointed to bring Lee Hsien Loong to court in a civil suit either in corrupted Singapore.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is also not charged for failing his MP’s responsibility, which the 3 WP MPs were allegedly guilty of, even though he signed over the approval to the corrupted contracts.

Source : States Times Review

Discounts and Jobs For Relatives Are OK For PM Lee and His Family But Not For The GM of His Town Council

Obviously Lee Hsien Loong cannot evade responsibility for what happens in his Town Council. How can he be trusted to run the finances of our country if he allowed blatant corruption to flourish in his own backyard? Since presumably he appointed the GM of AMKTC this raises serious questions about other appointments made by him, including that of his wife to run Temasek on a remuneration package that is a state secret but is likely to have resulted in payouts of billions of dollars over the years she has been in charge.

Source : kenjeyaratnam

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