SINGAPORE: Video Of Girl Who Used Bus Air Cond To Dry Her Shoes Goes Viral - The Coverage

SINGAPORE: Video Of Girl Who Used Bus Air Cond To Dry Her Shoes Goes Viral

Now, this is downright disgusting! I’m pretty sure most of us understand how air conditioning works in an enclosed area like a room, house, office, car, plane, train or even bus! The air in the area will recycle and gets sucked in and blown out by the machine.

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So anything with a pungent odor is bound to stay in the area until you air it out! If you’ve been on an air-conditioned bus and the driver starts smoking with a small window open you’ll understand what I mean! The smell of cigarette smoke gets sucked into the air cond and blows out right on top of our heads.

Recently, the weather wasn’t very kind to us as many parts of Malaysia has been raining for several days non-stop now, even Singapore is not spared!

Due to the heavy rain, pedestrians shoes are bound to get soaked in rainwater. That was when a Singaporean netizen, Glenn, spotted a girl using the bus’s air cond to dry her shoes on January 9.

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In the viral video, the girl can be seen sitting cross-legged on the bus seat with both her sneakers removed from her feet.

She then brought her sneakers up to the air-cond unit one by one, presumably to dry them before placing them on the ground.

Glenn, who witnessed the incident said:


“I feel very disgusted as their air-con blew the odour of her smelly shoes around the bus and the man who was sitting behind them seemed very irritated too.”

Come on girl, you should be considerate of others, just because it’s a public bus doesn’t mean we can do as we please! The least you could do is use tissues to soak up the water in your shoes instead of using the air cond, don’t all you all carry tissue packets? If not, I guess you better start now! Or don’t wear sneakers on a rainy day!

To watch the video, head over to Stomp’s official website here!

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What are your thoughts on this?

(Source: Stomp)

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