Singaporean Intelligence Officials : Lee Kuan Yew Claims That Anwar Did Commit The Sodomy Acts - Singapore Technical Intelligence - The Coverage

Singaporean Intelligence Officials : Lee Kuan Yew Claims That Anwar Did Commit The Sodomy Acts – Singapore Technical Intelligence

MALAYSIAN opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy charges are the result of a ”set- up job” which the politician ”walked into”, according to an assessment by Australia’s peak intelligence agency. A leaked US state department cable reveals that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that Dr Anwar engaged in the conduct for which he is accused, a claim he has steadfastly denied.

Australia’s Office of National Intelligence also states the conduct was the result of entrapment by Dr Anwar’s enemies.

The cable that deals with Dr Anwar’s sodomy case, dated November 2008 and released exclusively to The Sun-Herald by WikiLeaks, states: ”The Australians said that Singapore’s intelligences services and [Singaporean elder statesman] Lee Kuan Yew have told ONA in their exchanges that opposition leader Anwar ‘did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted’.”

The document states the Singaporeans told ONA they made this assessment on the basis of ”technical intelligence”, which is likely to relate to intercepted communications.

The ONA is also recorded as saying that Dr Anwar’s political enemies engineered the circumstances from which the sodomy charges arose.

”ONA assessed, and their Singapore counterparts concurred, ‘it was a set-up job and he probably knew that, but walked into it anyway’,” the cable states.

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Sodomy is illegal in Malaysia and carries a jail sentence of up to 20 years.

Dr Anwar, a former Malaysian deputy prime minister, was jailed in 1999 on charges of corruption and sodomy after a falling out with then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

He later had his sodomy conviction overturned and was freed from jail in 2004.

In 2008 he was charged again with sodomy. Dr Anwar has maintained the case against him is fabricated and trumped up by his political enemies who fear his political resurgence.

The case against Dr Anwar has drawn widespread international criticism and has included some bizarre twists. Earlier this year, a prosecutor in the sodomy trial was dropped after she was accused of having an affair with the star witness.

The witness, 25-year- old Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, worked as an aide in Dr Anwar’s office. He has accused the 62-year-old of sodomising him in an apartment in Malaysia.

Earlier this month, Australian politician Nick Xenophon travelled to Malaysia to observe Dr Anwar’s ongoing court proceedings, which were adjourned.

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In December 2009, a month after ONA’s brief assessment of Dr Anwar’s case, the Malaysian criticised Kevin Rudd for not meeting him during his visit to Australia. He accused Mr Rudd of appeasing Malaysia’s ”corrupt leaders” by snubbing him.

”He [Mr Rudd] was too obsessed with interests of getting the two countries together [and therefore] appease Malaysia’s corrupt leaders,” Dr Anwar said at the time.

Source : SMH

Ex-Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim stands agitated, on an improvised outdoor stage. The man who was once poised to be Malaysia’s next prime minister has now fallen out of grace after being accused of sodomy. He maintains that these allegations are completely fabricated by the government to discredit him and prevent him from running in elections against the UNMO government.

This evening, approximately a thousand people have come down to see him speak, despite the harsh tropical heat. They are clapping, cheering for him, laughing at his jokes – he seems to be able to completely control them. Halfway through his rather passionate speech, he says:

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Lee Kuan Yew said I committed an act of sodomy. Maybe he wants to go to court as a witness, then we shall fight in court.

What’s the context to all of this? Well, a few days before Anwar’s speech, a US state department document detailing his sodomy case was leaked by WikiLeaks. The document alleged that Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew told the Australian government that Anwar “did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted”. It further goes onto say that both the Singapore and Australian government agreed that “it was a set-up job and he probably knew that, but walked into it anyway”.

According to the report, Singapore reached this conclusion through “technical intelligence,” which in this case probably refers to intercepted communications and documents. Since this type of external intelligence gathering falls in the SID’s domain, it is very possible that the agency was involved.

8 years have passed and the controversy has died down. Anwar is now next in line to be Malaysia’s Prime Minister again after his coalition won the 2018 General Elections.

Source : The Kopi

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