Singaporean Man Asked To Transfer RM61,560 Or His Family Will Be Kidnapped - The Coverage

Singaporean Man Asked To Transfer RM61,560 Or His Family Will Be Kidnapped

Scammers come in all shapes and sizes, which is why you should always look out for yourself and your loved ones. When you received a call, text message, or even an email that looks suspicious to you (in a scam kind of way), quickly hang up the call, ignore the text and email.

More often than not scammers get what they want from gullible victims. If you’re smart, they can’t get to you. Sure, they can use words and try to play with your emotions but be the wiser one and settle things calmly.

On November 7, a Singaporean citizen, only known as Wang, received a text via WhatsApp at 7.51 pm, asking him to transfer SGD20,000 (RM61,560) to a bank account otherwise his family would be kidnapped.

The message, sent by a number starting with “+91” (the country code for India) was accompanied by a photo of a man.

The message reads,

“I have all the details! If tonight you never banking 20K into this acc, i will kidnap your family!! Don’t believe? You can try challenge!! After banking call and let me know!! Final warning!!”

The sender also provided a name, Singaporean Identification Card number, a Singaporean mobile phone number, and a bank account number.

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Wang said,

“I hope to warn others about this scam/spam.”

If you received something like this and you’re afraid, you can go to the police because this is considered as a threat! It’s not wrong to seek help from authorities when you feel helpless!

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