Singaporean Teen Who Threw Traffic Cone Down Tampines Block 856 In Viral Video Arrested - The Coverage

Singaporean Teen Who Threw Traffic Cone Down Tampines Block 856 In Viral Video Arrested

With all the recent case of people getting injured or killed by things thrown from the higher floors at apartment or high-rise buildings, you’d think that people would change. Sadly there are still some brainless individuals who think this is a game and continue to endanger the lives of others.

Recently, a young man was seen on video throwing a traffic cone down an HDB block. The video was initially uploaded as an Instagram Story and it appears to have been recorded by the man’s friend and has gone viral on Facebook.

Source: Stomp

In the video, the 19-year-old culprit can be seen at a staircase landing, laughing in the video while hurling the traffic cone down the block.

The incident reportedly occurred at around midnight on February 15, at Block 856, Tampines Street 82.

Source: Stomp

Source: Stomp

The police have confirmed that a report was lodged against the teen and he was subsequently arrested for Rash Act. Police are still investigating further.

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Source: Stomp

Source: Stomp

Why would you think that it was a great idea to throw a whole traffic cone down the block? Although it is midnight, there are still many people awake, you could potentially hurt someone on the ground floor. Why is it that teens these days take lives so lightly? Do you know how valuable life is? 

Next time, before you make any rash act, think twice, about your family, your future, and your potential victim’s life, about how you might just rob them of their life!

Watch the video below.


What are your thoughts on this?

(Source: Stomp / Facebook)

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