Sister In Big Trouble After Getting Caught Red-Handed Trying To Smuggle Drugs To Brother In Court - The Coverage

Sister In Big Trouble After Getting Caught Red-Handed Trying To Smuggle Drugs To Brother In Court

Come on, we all know courts are places where civil and criminal cases are judged, while we as normal citizens, may not be well-versed with the entire set of rules they may have in courtrooms, common sense would tell us that bringing illegal items is a big no-no.

However, this 32-year-old woman doesn’t think so as she tried to pass drugs to her brother who was ironically in court because of his involvement in drug trafficking. The woman is the man’s younger sister, she along with few other relatives came to the Penang courthouse to see him.

Source: The Star

Apparently, the woman somehow thought it was a good idea to pass him a plastic bag containing heroin and cannabis, The Star reported.

A police source said she was caught red-handed with another female relative at 10.30 am yesterday, August 9. Probably she passed the ‘goodie bag’ right under the nose of the police officers.

Source: Wikipedia

Police arrested both of them and locked them up in a police truck while waiting for the results from a urine test. The two women caused a commotion, they sobbed and pleaded with the police for their freedom. What? You literally just tried to pass drugs to your brother just now, and now you’re here sobbing for your life?

Source: The Star

While they were sobbing, a third woman, in her 60s, was seen crying outside the truck and making phone calls.

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The sister’s test came up positive for substance abuse.

“We have detained her for possession and using drugs. She will be remanded pending further investigation.”

The other woman, in her 30s, was later released.

So, now you have learned your lesson, passing drugs in court is a crime waiting to be caught. 

(Source: The Star / World Of Buzz)

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