Siti Kassim : Reject Anwar Ibrahim In PD , The Party And His Family Must Be Taught A Lesson - “They Did This 3 Times!” - The Coverage

Siti Kassim : Reject Anwar Ibrahim In PD , The Party And His Family Must Be Taught A Lesson – “They Did This 3 Times!”

Lawyer-activist Siti Kasim today called on voters to reject PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim in the impending Port Dickson by-election, saying the party and his family “must be taught a lesson”.

“They did this three times! No more! They think they can do whatever they like at our expense? Nope!,” she said on Instagram.

Siti also uploaded a picture of Zuraida Kamaruddin’s press statement in response to the announcement today that the former deputy prime minister would contest in the constituency after its incumbent Danyal Balagopal Abdullah vacated the seat to allow for Anwar’s return to Parliament.

Earlier today the PKR Wanita chief questioned the party’s decision-making process following the move.

Zuraida said the decision should have been decided by consensus and gotten full support from PKR’s 840,000 members.

She said if the decision-making process was not open and democratic, it could cause confusion among the people and give the impression that PKR was “manipulated by certain factions”.

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“I hope Anwar himself will announce his stand on this matter,” said Zuraida, who is seen to be aligned to Mohamed Azmin Ali in his tussle with Rafizi Ramli for the deputy president’s post.

To this, Siti told FMT: “If Anwar can’t be honest and open with his own party, he can’t be relied on to be honest to the rakyat.”

Siti also wondered if Anwar would continue “shopping” for another constituency if he were to fail in the coming by-election.

This she said was what happened when a cause was based on one person instead of the people.

“Soon it will be another Umno.”

Prior to this PKR had engineered two by-elections, namely in Kajang in 2014 and Permatang Pauh 2008.

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