Sleepless Night For This Traumatised Golden Retriever As He Guards His Owner At Night... Here's Why! - The Coverage

Sleepless Night For This Traumatised Golden Retriever As He Guards His Owner At Night… Here’s Why!

20th February 2017, Malaysia Local Mandarin Press- Sinchew Press had reported a heart-broken story of a golden retriever who stayed awake at night to guard the owner.

A Chinese netizen happily adopted a golden retriever from the animal shelter home. The golden retriever was remarkably obedient and absolutely adorable. Netizens and his family love this adorable dog so much. They spent the time to play with him and even bought him a comfortable bed for it to rest on.

However, when it comes to night time, this golden retriever who is supposed to be sleeping soundly would react strangely. Whenever the owner gets into his room and gets ready to go to bed, it will start to stay awake and guard the front of the owner’s bedroom. In the beginning, the Chinese man thought that probably it was reacting this way because it couldn’t adapt to the new environment.

However, there wasn’t much change to his strange actions. Sometimes, as the vision at night is not as good as the bright environment, the Chinese man would get shocked due to its creepy look that this dog gives as he stares continuously. This led the owner to drain out the golden retriever’s energy during the daytime, hoping that it would sleep at night. But, still, all his effort was not fruitful.

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One day, the man brought this little brown cutie for a body checkup, and he was informed that this golden retriever is all fine. Then, he decided to go back to the animal shelter home to inquire about the golden retriever’s background or history before his adoption.

According to the staff in the shelter home, the dog’s ex-owner had quietly sneaked the dog out of the house while it was sleeping soundly and abandoned the dog in the animal shelter home. He was informed that the previous owner had done such a thing because the wife was pregnant and the family couldn’t afford much to take care of this lovely pet.

It must have been a very painful experience for this golden retriever and that’s why it is traumatised to sleep at night. The Chinese man cried after he found out about the sad story of his lovely dog. Ever since he had removed the fence in front of his bedroom and moved the dog’s bed into the bedroom. Hopefully, the dog will feel secure and sleep well at night after this.

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Source: Sinchew

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