Slip Ups And Cover Ups : Adib’s Left Ribs ‘Snapped’ At SJMC And IJN - Treatment At SJMC & IJN Aggravated The Injuries - The Coverage

Slip Ups And Cover Ups : Adib’s Left Ribs ‘Snapped’ At SJMC And IJN – Treatment At SJMC & IJN Aggravated The Injuries

SHAH ALAM: A witness testifying at the inquest into the death of Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim said five of the fireman’s ribs may have snapped when he was treated at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) and National Heart Institute (IJN).

This is despite the fact that the damage to Adib’s back – resulting in seven left broken ribs – was consistent with being hit in the back by the door of the Emergency Medical Rescue Service (EMRS) van on Nov 27, 2018, pathologist Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi said.

Ahmad, of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) where Adib’s autopsy was carried out, told the inquest this afternoon that a CT scan by SJMC, where Adib was first admitted, showed his first two left ribs were broken.

However, he found that Adib’s third to seventh ribs were eventually “shattered completely”.

“In my opinion, this is due to ‘manipulation’ against the patient while he was being treated,” he told coroner Rafiah Mohamad.

He said it was possible that Adib, while hospitalised at SJMC and later at IJN, was always placed on his left side given that his right side was seriously injured.

The pressure on the already broken left ribs eventually led to the third to seventh ribs being weakened, and then completely broken, Ahmad, the 24th witness, said.

Asked if the use of dumbbells by Adib while being treated at IJN and being told to raise his hands could have contributed to the fracture, Ahmad said it “would have”.

“In my opinion, whatever manipulation to the patient led to the patient’s rib bones breaking fully,” Ahmad, 40, said when questioned by conducting officer Hamdan Hamzah.

IJN senior cardiothoracic consultant surgeon Dr Mohamed Ezani Md Taib had told the inquest previously that Adib used special weights in what he described as “passive physio” to strengthen his muscles.

Ahmad also said that Adib’s lungs were larger than usual, hardened with consolidated, frozen blood and sticking to the inner thoracic wall, adding that there was “nothing normal” about the lungs.

Elaborating on Adib’s left rib injuries, he said they were consistent with being hit by “something blunt, hard, straight and vertical”.

He said that based on a reconstruction of the scene on Dec 22, where he also spoke to the EMRS driver Adib was sitting next to on Nov 27, it was “most probable” that Adib was outside the van.

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He said Adib must have been standing, with his back to the van, and was hit by the left open back door of the EMRS as it was pushed backwards by the reversing fire rescue tender (FRT) truck in front of it.

“The cross-shaped scratch on his left back could have been caused by the friction from being scrapped by the left door handle of the EMRS,” he said, forcing him to fall.

Asked why the back left broken ribs were not originally detected in a CT scan done at SJMC, Ahmad said this was because the damage was “inside the bone itself”.

He said he saw this during the autopsy.

On the injuries on Adib’s right side – where his broken ribs pierced his right lung and caused internal bleeding – Ahmad said this was caused by a “blunt and wide impact”.

He also said that Adib was not beaten based on the pattern of injuries usually seen on such victims.

He said Adib showed no signs of being hit, kicked or punched, nor were there signs of the fireman defending himself.

Ahmad said the injuries on the right side were also consistent with falling after he was hit by the door of the EMRS.

He said Adib would have fallen face first and hit the roadside, breaking most of his right ribs.

“He also had scratches on the underside of his right wrist, left elbow and right knee, which are all consistent with the frictional impact from scrapping against a rough surface following a fall.”

Ahmad, however, could not say for certain if Adib was pulled out of the EMRS or exited himself.

He also said he could not reject the conclusion that Adib sustained his injuries due to being pinned against “two hard surfaces”.

This is likely in reference to testimony earlier this week that Adib may have been pinned against several parked cars by the EMRS after it was rammed into. Adib was later said to be surrounded by rioters.

Later, after Ahmad was shown videos of the FRT ramming into the EMRS – although they did not show Adib – he maintained his view that Adib was “pushed by the EMRS, fell and that is how he got his injuries”.

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The inquest was called by the government following conflicting claims on the cause of Adib’s death.

Adib, 24, was part of the EMRS team sent from the Subang Jaya Fire and Rescue station to the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple during the riots on Nov 27.

Ahmad was questioned today by deputy public prosecutor Hamdan Hamzah, who is part of a three-member team from the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

The inquest, which entered its 16th day today, continues on Tuesday.

My comments : There are many very disturbing points that have arisen as a result of the pathologists testimony.

1. I am not a doctor, but what the pathologist Doctor Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi is saying is that the treatment at SJMC and IJN aggravated the injuries which ultimately caused the death of Fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

2. Pathologist Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi’s very frank testimony also makes it crystal clear that the Indian boys were not responsible for Adib’s injuries. Adib was not beaten by any mob.

Ok I want to share some information. I have not said much about this case.

But a couple of months back a friend (in the know) told me that the Cabinet has been aware of the contents of this autopsy report soon after the autopsy was completed in late December 2018.

Considering that this case is still of intense public interest (not to mention public safety) my question is why were the findings of this Autopsy Report not made public earlier?

(Because the findings of the Autopsy Report has now been made public anyway, through this Inquest. There is nothing secret about it anymore.)

Why did the Cabinet keep quiet about the findings of this autopsy report?

So much unnecessary and useless tension in the country could have been avoided if the findings of this Autopsy Report had been made known.

There was really no need to even have this Inquest. It is a waste of time and public funds. Plus this Inquest has only aggravated the situation BECAUSE the still ongoing racial tensions that arose out of this most unfortunate incident could have been avoided JUST BY MAKING PUBLIC THE FINDINGS OF THIS AUTOPSY REPORT MUCH EARLIER. WHY WAS THIS NOT DONE EARLIER? WHY WASTE TIME WITH THIS INQUEST?

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Here may I extend my sincere condolences to the family of the late Fireman. Innalillaahi inna ilaihi raajioon. It is really unfortunate that a young man has died.

The pathologists testimony also sheds more light on why the late Adib’s health suddenly took a turn for the worse in the hospital AFTER media reports showed him showing a thumbs up from the hospital bed. He appeared to be on his way to recovery.

Plus this Inquest has also revealed that Adib was undergoing weight training with dumbbells at the IJN.

Here are some questions.

1. If Adib could undergo weight training why have so many people said that Adib could not speak – almost until his death? How true are those statements?

2. The driver of that EMRS truck (which hit Adib and caused those severe injuries) was also in shock and unable to speak for so many weeks.

My question is ‘Is that EMRS truck driver still in shock and still unable to speak?’

Now after this explosive testimony by the pathologist Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi will the driver of that EMRS truck go into shock again? And become unable to speak again and again?

3. What about the three Bomba fellows who made a Police report against the Temple Committee which said (from Day 1) that Adib was hit by the EMRS truck?

Here is that news (from The Star) dated Nov 29, 2018 about their Police Report against the Temple Committee :

So now will the Selangor Bomba Director Azmi Osman be going into shock as well?

There has been gross incompetence, slip ups and cover ups by too many parties throughout this whole incident.

I really hope that all this useless racial and other tensions that have arisen out of this case will now die a quick and unnatural death. Everyone just go about your own business. Just go back to work.

I believe some other people need to be investigated. Disciplinary and other action must also be taken.

Source : Syed Akbar Ali 

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