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Snatch Thief Incident in Bangsar’s Telawi, Victim Got Out With Minor Injuries

Yesterday, a snatch thief incident happened in Telawi, Bangsar. Vivienne Yeo posted on Facebook as a warning to other girls, to show that she was attacked by one.

Vivianne Yeo posted 19 hours ago that she wanted to share the incident that happened to her. She also included the pictures that show the minor injuries she received from the incident. The following is a screenshot of the post she made on Facebook:

Her post reads,

Just wanted to share my horrible experience of becoming an unfortunate victim of a snatch thief at the Bangsar area. At around 4.30pm today, I was walking to my car which was parked near the Hong Leong Bank row in the Telawi area. I was aware of my surroundings but I was not alert enough. There was a ramadan bazaar down the street and plenty of people walking around.

I wanted to cut through the shops along the Jalan Telawi stretch so I walked through the small lane opposite Coffee Coffea. My handbag was slung across my body. I heard a motorbike coming from behind me. All of a sudden, I was pushed from the back and fell forward on my chest. It happened so fast that I had no chance to react. The snatch thief rode past me from the back and tried to grab my bag. He didn’t manage to take anything as my bag didn’t snap and was still with me.

Thank God, I didn’t suffer any major injuries. I have a bruised and scratched forehead, scratches on my hands and knees. My wounds were just cuts and bruises, no broken ribs or bones. I fell right beside a car and the driver (with kids in the car and waiting for his wife) saw the whole thing and he quickly came down to help me. Meanwhile another guy from the nearby shop could only stand aside looking at me without any reaction.

I told the driver to not leave me alone as I was afraid the riders would turn back as they didn’t manage to take my bag the first time. The driver helped me into his car and drove off to pick up his wife.

In my state of shock, I called Lee and asked the kind Samaritan to help bring me straight to the police station.

The Inspector said that there are at least 8 cases a day in Bangsar/Brickfields zone alone! I’ve always read on the news and FB but I’ve never ever thought it would happened to me.

So guys and girls, pls be alert, be aware and never let your guard down or walk in lanes alone. I’m glad I’m just not injured badly and didn’t lose my tooth!

So according to her, she was pushed from behind and fell forward, unsurprisingly, because her bag was slung across her body (I imagine diagonally, so it is more secure), when the thief tried snatching it it didn’t snap or get pulled off from her. Due to the fall, however, she received minor injuries such as brushes and scratches. She also expressed her gratitude towards the kind soul who helped bring her to the police station afterwards.

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For those who frequent both Bangsar and Brickfields, please be more careful and alert! You never know what could happen to you nowadays.




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