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Sperm Collection Machine ?


Sperm Collection Machine?


The Sperm ‘Extractor’

Japan has always been considered the birthplace of all erotic related products. Products like android girlfriends to inflatable sex dolls that can interact with the user have propelled Japan to the limelight, earning itself the title as most the most erotic country in the world. However, China has recently one-upped their game in the industry by introducing a product that is so… er….

Never mind, we’ll just cut to the chase. It’s a $2,800 machine at the Zhengzhou Central Hospital, which is best described as a “sperm extractor”.


Yes, it’s function follows after it’s description or rather, name as there is no official name for it for now. It extracts semen though some people have mistaken it for a sex toy.

The inventors and doctors insist it is a medial product meant to aid those suffering from problems with fertility. The process is entirely automated and hands- free. The machine has a massaging device and comes with a diverse range of customizable settings and features that allow the patients to adjust the temperature, amplitude, frequency and speed to his liking. The machine also features a touch screen display and a digital surround sound system that users can connect to using headphones so the user can cut out distractions from his surroundings.

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Just to be absolutely clear once again in case any of you start asking where you can find one of these machines. It is not a sex toy, nor is it a method for collecting sperm for sperm banks and no it’s not for sale.

Unless you have fertility issues, don’t think of being able to get near one of these.

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