Sunny Coco Donated RM50,000 To Tabung Harapan Out Of Love For The Country - The Coverage

Sunny Coco Donated RM50,000 To Tabung Harapan Out Of Love For The Country

After a Malaysian, Sabahbathi’s heartwarming letter and donation in hopes of lessening our national debt went viral, many locals urged our new Government to establish a bank account where others can contribute to saving our country.

With the overwhelming response by the rakyat, Pakatan Harapan has established the Tabung Harapan Malaysia (THM) on May 30.

In less than 24 hours, the THM has received over RM7 million in donations from patriotic citizens. Out of that huge sun, RM50,000 was contributed by a man called Chau Pen Seow, who is also famously known as ‘Sunny Coco’ on social media.

Source: Facebook

Chau is the founder of Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd and also an active netizen who isn’t afraid of voicing out his opinion and calling people out for various reasons.

When Chau heard when the Finance Minister announced that the Tabung Harapan has been established, he posted a live video on Facebook urging everyone to do their part and donate to the fund.

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He, himself pledged to donate RM50,000, which is what he did the following morning.

Source: Facebook

The lad  posted the evidence on Facebook, writing,

“I love my country, Malaysia. Now that our country is in trouble, everyone has the responsibility to help out. It doesn’t matter how much you donate as long as you’ve done your best.

“I did this because I want foreigners to understand that Malaysians will come together for the sake of their country. As long as Malaysians are united, foreign investors will be confident to invest in our country.”

His action was not only applauded by netizens, but by employees at the bank as well,

“When I went to the bank in the morning, it was very crowded. So I told the employees that I wanted to donate RM50,000 to the fund, and they immediately handled my case. The workers even gave me a round of applause!”

Chau’s action went viral on social media and inspired netizens to also do their part as concerned citizens. His generosity has inspired another netizen named Kenny to follow suit, who also donated RM50,000 to the fund.

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Source: Facebook

However, several salty netizens claimed the two men only did the deed for publicity, to this Chau replied,

“If I wanted publicity, I would’ve used the RM50,000 to put up an advertisement in the newspapers. Why would I donate the money to our government? I did that because I support the new government.”

Kudos to Sunny Coco and Kenny for your generosity! Thank you for loving Malaysia!

Those who would love to contribute to the Tabung Harapan Malaysia can channel your donations via Maybank account 566010626452Donations can only be made in Ringgits and beware of scams!

(Source: WOB)

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