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Take Your Movie Experience To A Whole New Level At The Brand New Special Halls Of MBO Cinema in Starling Mall!

Have you ever imagine yourself watching Fast & Furious 8 in a special 4D effects cinema hall? 

Now, MBO Cinema has come out with the new idea of having 4D effects cinema hall in Malaysia. During the grand opening of MBO Cinema in Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown, they specially introduced 4 new concepts of cinema halls for the consumers to enjoy their movies with an impactful experience.

With our great honour, The Coverage Malaysia has been invited by MBO Cinema to join the grand opening event in Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown on 6th of April. As for now, there is a total of 27 MBO Cinemas in Malaysia including this latest new cinema.

In order to provide moviegoers with a comfortable and different feeling of movie experiences, MBO has introduced the 4 new concepts of cinema which included the family hall – MBO Kecil, the large screen hall – MBO Big Screen, the luxurious hall – MBO Premier and the modern hall – MBO MX4D hall.

Let’s have a look at all these 4 new cinema halls in MBO Cinema in Starling Mall.

First of all would be the family hall – MBO Kecil.

1. The Family Hall – MBO Kecil 

For all movie lovers, you will surely get annoyed (at times) by the kids who are having fun in the cinema while the movie is going on and parents can’t seem to do anything to stop their children from playing around as they are watching the movie in public.

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Now, MBO Cinema has provided the best solution for the parents to bring their children for a movie in MBO Kecil hall. MBO Kecil is facilitated with sofabeds, bean bags, and even a small playground for the kids. The modern concept of accommodating the playful kids with playground has brought a new experience for the parents to take care of their child while watching a movie in the cinema. With this family hall concept, it has ensured that the movie customers are not affected by others or distracted from the movie.

Here we are with the large screen hall – MBO Big Screen.

2. The large screen hall – MBO Big Screen 

As the name implies, this large screen hall – MBO Big Screen has been recognised as the largest cinema screen in Malaysia. With the collaboration with BARCO, the large screen hall is facilitated with the latest projection system, RGB laser projection system which performed a high quality of screen solution, brilliant brightness and contrast for the excellent colouration and real movie effects.

Last but not least, the large screen hall has also been coordinated with the Dolby Atmos sound effect system where the movie lovers can experience a brand new experience of watching a movie with the best sound effect system and a big cinema screen.

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After visiting the previous halls, you will definitely be interested with this luxurious hall – MBO Premier.

3. The Luxurious Hall – MBO Premier 

MBO Premier has been known as the romantic and luxury private hall where it would definitely be the best dating place for a couple to enjoy the movie in such comfy hall. The couple seats in this luxurious cinema hall are all decorated with leathered sofa and a small movable coffee table.

According to the Operation Director of MBO Cinema, Mariam, she has stated that MBO cinema would like to provide the VIP style of services with the economic prices of movie tickets for the couples to enjoy the best satisfaction.

We used to recommend the Gold Class of GSC Cinema and Indulge hall of TGV cinema for the luxurious movie experiences.  Now, MBO Cinema has their very first luxurious hall with the special movie package of RM 45 for a movie ticket with popcorn set. This is so worth it, right? This concept should have implemented to all the MBO cinemas in Malaysia.

Here we come with the most exciting special hall of MBO MX4D which give a modern sense of movie experience.

4. The Modern Hall – MBO MX4D 

After experiencing all the cinema halls, we would say this is the main focus of MBO Cinema grand opening event!

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GUYS! You don’t need to envy the great experience of moving chairs and special senses effects of cinemas in foreign countries. In MBO MX4D Hall, the cinema is facilitated with the flashing light effect system, wind blowing system, water splashing system and even the virtual smell system which helps the costumers to feel like being in the movies!

It super worth your try for only RM 22.10 each ticket and experiencing it with the best motion movie – Fast & Furious 8! You will feel yourself fighting in the movie or having car bumping with Vin Diesel and John Dwayneson. Do not doubt the experience until you have tried it! It is super awesome to have such excellent movie experience. 

Now we have ended the new MBO Cinema halls with the most exciting one! I believe you would like to start searching on Google for the MBO Cinema movie showtimes now. 

If you are coffee or cafe lover, MBO Cinema in Starling Mall has come out with the cafe style of a concession stand for your delicious snacks. Please go and get your popcorn set with your favourite soft drinks in Cafecito now! You’ll definitely fall in love with MBO Cinema!

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