"Tampal Sesuatu Pada Cermin" Police Says It Is Illegal, While Head Of JPJ Claimed It Was Okay To Use Sunshades - The Coverage

“Tampal Sesuatu Pada Cermin” Police Says It Is Illegal, While Head Of JPJ Claimed It Was Okay To Use Sunshades

Here’s the big question of the month, are sunshades legal or illegal?

This is in regards to the recent case of a road user who voiced out his dissatisfaction on Facebook after receiving a ‘ticket’ for using sunshades.

Apparently, he was stopped at a roadblock operation that was conducted at Serdang Perdana for using a sunshade, as in the police summon it was reasoned “Tampal Sesuatu Pada Cermin”.

So, guys, just to clear off some bad air, allow us to just ‘inform’ you that for police to check whether your car’s tint is too dark or not, they will need to have an equipment that can measure the amount of light that ‘goes through’ the tint. Usually, authorities would require you to send your vehicle to a JPJ centre for the ‘check up’. Rarely, will they give you a ticket on the spot.

We also realise that the policemen MAY not have had their equipment with them, at that point of time.

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Please keep in mind that your tint should only be at 70% max…also if you were to add on sunshades on top of that tint, would also mean that you are breaking the law.

This also leads us back to when the JPJ director once claimed that temporary sunshades are ‘OKAY’ to be used while driving. Only other fixture like blinds and curtains are not allowed.

And our car expert said that this case can be brought to court as the Rule 4(1) of The Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Certain Types of Glass) Rules 1991 does not clearly state if temporary shades are not allowed.

Don’t worry, guys…we are just as confused as you are! So which one is it? Police are claiming that it is illegal to use sunshades while the head of JPJ saying it is legal.


Source: SAYS, Facebook

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