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Telegram Banned in Indonesia But Will Not Be Banned in Malaysia

The Telegram app that is well-known for it’s quick and efficient chatbox similar to Whatsapp has caused a huge uproar in some countries being called as an app for its “terrorism” content. It is said that the app is used for recruitment, sharing content and even information to finance terrorists. Indonesia has just recently taken a step into banning the app as it is a threat to the country.

Indonesia’s communications ministry said in a statement,

“So many channels in the (Telegram) service contain radicalism and terrorism… encouragement and tips to assemble bombs or launch attacks that it needed to block it.”

It is said that the ban came because the country has already suffered strings of attacks which included one carried out by a man police that was radicalised after reading materials that were radical on Telegram. Currently the app is only banned via desktop but will soon be imposed full ban completely from mobile too.

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Source: The Journal

He also said,

“We are now preparing a process to close down Telegram app in full throughout Indonesia if Telegram does not come up with a standard operating procedure to handle law-violating contents.” 

Telegram has also been blocked in Oman and other gulf states since the last two years. Oh no! 

As for Malaysia, news has been spreading via social media regarding the ban, however thankfully The Malaysian government Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Sunday (Jul 16) said that he does not intend to restrict the use of instant messaging application Telegram for now.

Since it has not been a threat to Malaysia yet, Zahid said after monitoring of Malaysian authorities so far they have found no evidence related to crime or terrorism as far as Telegram was concerned.

As Malaysians we are given freedom to use any phone apps as consumers. Hence, The Deputy Prime Minister said the government respects the rights of consumers in the country and does not intend to interfere with users who use Telegram to chat with their contacts.

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He also said,

“The KDN’s (Home Ministry’s) observation, especially by the Anti-Terrorism Unit and the Special Branch of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), find that the application (Telegram) has so far not been used in matters related to crime or for recruiting or raising funds for terrorism activities.”

The government would continue to monitor the use of social media applications to detect suspicious activities.

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