Thai Man Arrested For Brutally Beating His Girlfriend On Facebook Live - The Coverage

Thai Man Arrested For Brutally Beating His Girlfriend On Facebook Live

We do not condone domestic abuse, nobody deserves to go through an abusive relationship!

25-year-old Chaichana Sirichart was recently arrested after he streamed himself on Facebook live physically abusing his 21-year-old girlfriend.

Source: Next Shark

Sirichart had locked his partner Kuldara Yeesaman in his room in an apartment building in Bung Kum district, where he battered her severely until she was covered in blood and swelling with bruises.

In a short clip reuploaded online, Yeesaman can be seen in tears while her boyfriend kept taunting her and threatening to kill for allegedly having an affair. He can be heard repeatedly asking,

“Who is your secret boyfriend?”

He also accused her of stealing money from his investments.

Sirichart broadcasted the 11-minute live video on his financial trading business page, and it has been widely shared and reposted, earning millions of views in just 24 hours.

It is understood that viewers were the ones who reported the attack to the police, who immediately arrived at the scene to rescue the battered girlfriend and arrest Sirichart on Sunday, April 22.

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He later admitted to the police that he punched his girlfriend repeatedly and even attack her with a broom and a hairdryer.

Source: Next Shark

According to deputy police chief Wirachai Songmetta, Sirichart was still unable to provide a coherent statement, noting that he tested positive for methamphetamines.

Sirichart, who runs a company called Global FX Investment, has claimed that he is being chased by angry customers for failing to deliver on a promise of massive financial returns.

Source: Next Shark

He blamed his financial troubles for the cause of his descent into drug use.

He is now facing charges of causing injury, illegal detention, importing images to shame others into a computer system, and Type 1 drug use. While Yeesaman suffered injuries to multiple parts of her body, she was still able to provide her account of the brutal attack.

Source: Next Shark

Yeesaman is currently being treated in a hospital while Sirichart remains in police custody.

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(Source: Next Shark / Bangkok Post)

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