The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Singapore McDonald's Latest Nasi Lemak Burger - The Coverage

The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Singapore McDonald’s Latest Nasi Lemak Burger

Food porn lovers it’s time to get your butts down over to Singapore as their McDonald’s just added a special menu inspired by local favourites in conjunction with Singapore’s National Day Celebration.

Behold the Nasi Lemak Burger!

The poor joy of foodie goodness is squished with a chunk of fried chicken topped off with fresh cucumber, a fried egg, caramelised onions and the key ingredient, spicy sambal sauce. The only thing this burger is missing is the ‘Nasi’. If the buns were made of rice or something, this would have been perfect!

Personally, I felt like they kind of rubbed it in our (Malaysian) face as the box that it comes in literally says “Just for you, Singapore.” *cries*

That’s not all people, there is also the Cendol McFlurry, Kueh Salat Cake, Coconut Pie, Bandung McFizz, Cendol Melaka Cone, Cendol Melaka Twist, Cendol Melaka Chococone and Pandan Coco Frappe which was added to the new menu.

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It was reported by Says that the new menu will be available to the public starting from TOMORROW! So, if you already had plans to visit Singapore this weekend, a quick stop to the McDonald’s outlet will do you and your tummy good.


Source: SAYS





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