Things Are Getting Shitty At The Beaches Of Melbourne, LITERALLY!!! - The Coverage

Things Are Getting Shitty At The Beaches Of Melbourne, LITERALLY!!!

2017 isn’t having a great start for many but citizens at Melbourne are in deep shit after heavy storms washed poo into Port Philip Bay!

“It’s bird poo, it’s horse poo, it’s cow poo and it’s people poo!”

On Monday, 21 out of the 36 beaches on Melbourne were listed as having poor water quality by the Environmental Protection Victoria’s website. Basically, means the water in these areas at this point of time isn’t suitable for swimming!

According to Dr Boxshall, the indicators in their test results showed positive for faecal contamination. The water is crap!

“It is everything that washes in from the streets, and everything that comes out through the storm water system.”

Swimmers are warned to not enter these areas as they stand a higher risk of getting gastroenteritis and other illnesses, especially the children and senior citizens.

However, the source did point out that beaches on the Mornington Peninsula south of Frankston are suitable for swimming, so all hopes of enjoying the holidays (especially if you are touring the country now) aren’t gone to vain.

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Just hope that it stops raining as that’s the only way the water on the affected beaches will get cleared up.

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