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Thirsty Malaysian Student Asking Teacher For Sex On WhatsApp

Kids nowadays are getting more bolder and more daring to do all sorts of things we were afraid of when we were their age. With the vast technology, kids these days mature faster than we did.

Just like this young girl, when she asked her teacher for sex.

Hafid, a concerned school teacher posted up his encounter with one of his students on Facebook, about how unsettling and concerned he felt when she asked if they could have sex via WhatsApp.

He started off his post with,

“I’m just a trainee teacher, so if you want to be casual with me, then fine. However, at least show me some amount of respect because I’m older than you. School students these days really have no manners!”

He added that he just wanted to show the differences between students then and now. Before, students would bow when passing by teachers, but now, only God knows what they’re up to.

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Of course, he must have prove to a point he’s trying to make, right? His post is accompanied with couple of screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation with the said student.

Let me give you a little warning, their text exchange is unsettling even for me, so I only wish to warn you.

You can clearly see Hafid denying the student’s advances and at one point she even asked for him to send nudes to her, specifically asking for 2 pictures and promised that she will never give it to anyone.

She even went to the extent of video calling him, but he refused to answer, as he is trying to discourage her behavior.

In the end, she realized how inappropriate her actions were and she apologized to her teacher.

Hafid’s post received a lot of backlash from netizens as they did not understand the whole story, so, he took the opportunity to clarify that they were already communicating on WhatsApp before things took a turn.

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As a counselor, Hafid could not simply turn her away when she was expressing so much distress with her personal problems. Accepting a client without judging them is the most important part of counseling!

“I gave this student my phone number because she sent me a direct message on Instagram asking for help. She was in a difficult place.”

“Since then, she has been telling me the problems she was facing with her family and she started seeing me as an older brother. I told her it was fine, but I kept reminding her that I was her teacher.”

“She initially texted me normally. Although she kept calling me ‘abang’ (older brother), I kept referring to myself as ‘cikgu’ (teacher) whenever we spoke.”

“When she first texted me those inappropriate messages, I thought she was just joking around, but when she started trying to video call me, I realized she was being serious.”

First of all, calm your titties, girl. You shouldn’t be thirsty like this, what’s even worst inviting your teacher to commit a crime. Luckily the man is sane enough to deny your advances, if he didn’t, not only is he committing a crime, he’d be ruining your life.

All of us here at The Coverage hope that every student and teacher can understand the boundary between student-teacher as that line should never be crossed! 

(Source: Facebook / World of Buzz)

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