Three Malaysian Sisters In Their 70's Were Tied Up, Robbed And Were Threatened To Be Killed!!! - The Coverage

Three Malaysian Sisters In Their 70’s Were Tied Up, Robbed And Were Threatened To Be Killed!!!

Can the government come up with a heavier sentence for robbery or not??!!

These robbers are getting just too out of hand! Just yesterday, it was reported by The Star that 3 elderly sisters were tied up and robbed by two men with parangs.

It was known that the 4.30am incident had happened at their home in Kampung Pedang Sebang in Alor Gajah.

According to the source, the robbers came in through the window of the wooden house and grabbed hold of Aliah Abdullah, 78 and Rabiah Abdullah, 78 and placed the parang at their necks.

Baby Amilah Abdullah, 76, had to hand over her bracelet and two gold chains while Rabiah gave them her RM200.

They were threatened to be killed if they were to shout. The thieves who had their face concealed with handkerchiefs were said to have been upset with their ‘findings’ (probably since they were expecting to steal more valuables) and started to ransack the house.

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The criminals only left the premises after hearing villagers walking to a nearby surau for the morning prayers. They also managed to grab the 3 siblings’ handphones before escaping.

The trio ran out of their house to get help from neighbours after successfully untying themselves. According to the police, the initial investigation shows that both robbers were locals and they are in the process of tracking them down. The police seem to be pretty confident at catching the crooks, so let’s just hope that they do and those two will be punished heavily.


Source: The Star

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