[TOO CUTE!] Taiwan's Latest K-9 Unit Recruits Will Melt Your Hearts - The Coverage

[TOO CUTE!] Taiwan’s Latest K-9 Unit Recruits Will Melt Your Hearts

We have always see the police force K-9 unit in real life and in movies, but we seldom see their new recruits as the police rarely announce such things. But the Taiwan police force decided to melt the internet’s hearts away with their new recruits!

Source: Facebook

These pups became an internet sensation soon after their adorable photos were shared on the Facebook page of Taiwan’s National Police Agency (NPA). The public could not get enough of the cuteness.

Source: Facebook

The new four-legged team members are just over a month old, but their job isn’t just to look adorable they are set to have serious roles in the force!

All 6 of the pups will be trained to join the NPA’s K-9 Anti Bomb and Drug unit based in Taipei. Apparently, this line of work is already in their blood, their mother is one of the 22 adult dogs in the K-9 unit. How adorable, mother and children in the same force, it’s like a family business!

Source: Facebook

A spokesperson from the NPA told Mashable:

“The puppies’ mom, named Yellow, is in the K-9 unit… the department that deals with anti-drug and anti-bomb issues.

“We will train the puppies to join our police duties.”

Source: Facebook

According to the NPA, the puppies were born on May 9, they’re named; Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ, and Full Moon.

“We hope that in the future the puppies can be like their mother Yellow, that they can pass through training successfully and enter the police force.

Source: Facebook

For now, the cute little ones spend most of their time eating and napping as they get ready for their training. Get healthy and big little ones!

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Captain Pan from Taiwan’s police asked:

“Sometimes. Lucky Star would fall asleep while eating and then he would wake up suddenly and carry on eating like nothing happened. How could people not love something as cute as that?”

Source: Facebook

Users on social media were taken immediately with the pups and one said, “I want to join the police dog team now.”

Source: Facebook

I want to join too just to be able to work with cute little pups like these ones! Don’t get me wrong I love adult dogs too, especially large breeds!

Let’s see a raise of hands who would love to cuddle with these adorable little pups!

(Source: Mashable / Facebook / Bored Panda / Next Shark)




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