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Treat Your Drinking Buddy To A Denmark Getaway

Have you ever encountered this scenario where you go, “Aiyaaa…every time also sure headache to bring this guy out lah” but at the back of your mind, you know that it would be impossible to enjoy your drinking life without that person.

Well, it’s time to admit these kinds of drinking buddies are partially the reason why we enjoy our drinking nights (or day). Here are the top 8 kinds of friends that you are most likely hanging out with:


The Flirt 

The one who tries their best to fully utilise cheesiest pick-up lines and whole heartedly believes to be the true Casanova.


The Loudspeaker

One two drinks and this guy is as loud as the speakers on the dance floor. And don’t get me started on how they start preaching about life. Ugghhh


Sleeping Beauty

Most of the time we are unsure if we brought this buddy for a drink or a sleepover.

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The person that wastes good alcohol and money just to make everyone go “Ewwww!!”


The Entertainer

There’s no stopping this person from going all out, making a show and ultimately either embarrass us or makes us proud.


The Bottomless Belly

The person that keeps going “DOWN! DOWN! DOWN! DOWN! DOWN!”


MMA Fighter

The person who just can’t keep their fists to themselves and always has to start a fight.


Always Broke

“No money la bro, belanja la” They always claimed to be broke and have very less consideration of paying back BUT will chug down on alcohol like there’s no tomorrow. *Facepalm moment*

So which drinking buddy would you bring on a trip if you had a chance to go for a vacay?

Speaking of which now there’s a chance for you to win an all paid expense 6D5N trip with your buddy on a VIP Brewery Tour in Denmark!

Here’s how!

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The first way is to purchase any Carlsberg and/or Carlsberg Smooth Draught and to pop those bottle caps and flip it over to see the ‘hidden prizes’. If by a great stroke of luck you were to get the “Copenhagen 2017” then voila…you are on your way to an all-expense paid trip for the VIP Brewery Tour with a friend to Denmark.

Don’t worry! That’s not all…if you were to get the “Carlsberg Malaysia 2017”, you and 5 other friends would get the VIP treatment that you have longed for. The Carlsberg’s team will provide the lucky winners with a chauffeured ride to Carlsberg Malaysia and have your accommodations fully provided.

If you were to simply get a bunch of these “Hop Leaf 2017” then know that, you can redeem Carlsberg exclusive merchandise and/or  320ml Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

Alternatively, you could also snap a picture of a recent purchase of minimum RM30 on Carlsberg and/or Carlsberg Smooth Draught in a single receipt and either Whatsapp/WeChat the picture to 012-2111056 along with your full name and IC number.

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For further information CLICK HERE


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